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John Oliver Hilariously Sums Up The Scottish Referendum On "Last Week Tonight"

"When you haven’t been nice to someone for a thousand years, it’s very difficult to suddenly start.” UK readers: The video will be available to watch on YouTube on Tuesday.

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Last night on Last Week Tonight, John Oliver tackled the complicated issue of the Scottish referendum. First, he pointed out that most Americans associate Scottish independence with Braveheart. / Via Last Week Tonight /

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He examined Better Together's campaign, noting that "'no thanks' is a violently British way to refuse something..." / Via Last Week Tonight /
There are legitimate reasons for Scotland to want to govern itself. For instance, it's a predominately liberal country which has been frequently been governed by a Conservative UK Government, and seldom has that divide been more pronounced than right now when the UK's prime minister is David Cameron.

He attempted to explain why David Cameron isn't well liked by the Scottish. / Via Last Week Tonight /

He tackled Patronising Better Together Lady. / Via Last Week Tonight /

And pointed out the lacklustre sense of alarm being expressed by Cameron, who needs to step his pleas to Scotland to stay up a notch. / Via Last Week Tonight /

Inspired, Oliver then felt compelled to show Cameron how it's done.

Resulting in this tribute.

Last Week Tonight / Via

US viewers can watch the video here:

View this video on YouTube

Last Week Tonight /

UK viewers can see the segment when Last Week Tonight airs on Sky Atlantic at 11.45pm on Tuesday evening.

It will be available on YouTube to UK viewers shortly afterwards.