“Patronising Better Together Lady” Is The New Meme For Scottish Nationalists

A TV broadcast playing on women’s fears of an independent Scotland has been hijacked.

1. This is the new TV advert from Better Together, the campaign to keep Scotland in the UK at the forthcoming referendum.

The advert, first shown on Tuesday night, features a mother talking to the camera about her concerns for an independent Scotland: the security of Scotland’s oil supply, funding for education, the way “there’s only so many hours in the day and there’s so much to weigh up”.

She’s also concerned about the way her off-screen husband, “Paul”, keeps going on about the independence campaign while she struggles to keep up with the debate.

2. But some supporters of Scottish independence have decided the advert doesn’t give much credit to women, branding the advert’s star “Patronising Better Together Lady”.

Better Together

And in the process they’ve created a meme, playing on what they believe to be her spurious reasons for voting No.

3. Some people felt the advert was a bit sexist, since the woman is mainly concerned about household tasks while her husband talks politics.

7. Other people were baffled by her difficulty to find the time to weigh up the options.

12. Others were a bit baffled by her apparent lack of understanding of the key independence issues.

15. Others were very concerned about the welfare of the woman’s husband.

16. And then there was the matter of her facial expression.

17. A couple of people thought she might have better things to do when the vote is held on 18 September.

20. Others were a bit concerned for the actress involved in the broadcast.

21. At points it went a bit surreal.

22. But even the most ardent pro-independence supporters would admit there are some unknown issues in this campaign.

24. While others were just concerned that something was in her cup of tea.

Three weeks to go until the vote.

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