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Daniel Goodfellow Was Left Out Of The Coverage Of Tom Daley’s Bronze Medal Win

Newspapers decided to lead with photos of Tom Daley instead of his equally deserving diving partner.

Tom Daley and Daniel Goodfellow both got bronze in the Olympic 10m synchronised platform in Rio.

Clive Rose / Getty Images

The problem is, if you look at some of the papers, you could mistakenly believe that Daley was the first person to win a bronze medal in synchronised diving by himself.

Daily Mail / Via Twitter: @suttonnick

Same with the Daily Telegraph.

Daily Telegraph

And the back of the Daily Express.

Daily Express / Via Twitter: @suttonnick

Goodfellow wasn't cropped out of the original image the newspapers printed. This just happened to be the photo they all chose to lead with.

Mike Egerton / PA WIRE

There are also many photos that the papers could have chosen that included both of them.

The Daily Telegraph's front page even surprised Goodfellow's mum, Sharon, on Twitter.

@suttonnick I am very surprised by this photo. Is it for real? I am Dan's mum

Speaking on ITV's This Morning Sharon Goodfellow said: “I only know because the photographer that’s always at Daniel’s competitions tweeted back to the paper saying ‘what’s going on, it takes two to do synchronised diving’, but I did send a little tweet … Daniel doesn't mind, he's quite happy to stay in the background.”

In The Times, they showed a picture of the Daley and Goodfellow but in the headline only refer to Goodfellow as a "synchronised partner".

The Times / Via Twitter: @suttonnick

This was updated to include Goodfellow in later editions.

Quite a few people noticed.

Erm. Excuse me national newspapers but why isn't Daniel Goodfellow also on the front page with Tom Daley? Dear oh dear #RioOlympics2016

Come on @thetimes you can do better than this, won't take long to change 'synchronised partner' to Dan Goodfellow.

Congrats to Tom Daley (and his synchro partner Dan Goodfellow, who seems to be getting cropped out of the story):

Much of uk media predictably being the absolute worst in not naming/picturing @danngoodfellow in their headline coverage 🙄

Congratulations, Tom Daley and The Other One!

Dominic Ebenbichler / Reuters

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