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The BBC Said Goodbye To "Bake Off" In A Devastating Montage

"I've enjoyed every minute" — Mary Berry.

The biggest British television story of the year was the news that Bake Off is leaving the BBC and heading to Channel 4, resulting in the departure of Mary Berry, Mel, and Sue as judges and presenters.

Mark Bourdillon / BBC/Love Productions/Mark Bourdillon

The fallout has been a bit weird and awkward.

We literally JUST redecorated the canteen at the BBC 😒 #GBBO

The two Christmas specials were the last episodes to air on the BBC. Filmed months before the contractual dispute between Love Productions and the BBC spilled out into the open, there was no opportunity for the presenters or judges to address the move whilst it was on.

However, after the end of tonight's episode, BBC One unexpectedly aired this Bake Off montage.

With love baked into every slice, let's enjoy some of the sweet memories we’ve shared over the last 7 years of…

It is unclear whether this was made solely by the BBC, or involved Love Productions. Both Love and the BBC have been contacted for comment by BuzzFeed.

The montage featured some of our favourite moments...

BBC / Love Productions

...with some of the most emotional moments.

Love Productions / BBC

Alongside these cakes.

BBC / Love Productions

It's really quite devastating to watch.

That was properly classy. Well done @BBCOne on your goodbye to #BakeOff... now if you'll excuse me I've got something in my eye.

The final episode on the BBC was also an absolute belter, too. It featured peak innuendo.

BBC / Love Productions

I mean, PEAK innuendo.

BBC / Love Productions

There was even a Mary Berry booze joke.

BBC / Love Productions

The best moment was when Mary Berry was given an eight inch horseradish by contestant James Morton.

BBC / Love Productions

It really was a sight to behold.

When someone in the future asks me why Bake Off was such a great show I will just show them this clip #gbboxmas

An added weird bonus was that this was one of the last Showstoppers presented on BBC One before the show heads to Channel 4.

BBC / Love Productions

Thank you Bake Off on the BBC.

BBC / Love Productions

Now we risk it all.

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