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    Martin Freeman Explains Why He Has An Odd Relationship With The Internet

    The Hobbit and Sherlock star talked to BuzzFeed News about why he gave the middle finger so many times backstage and why he reckons that he won't do a bigger film.

    1. He believes that The Hobbit will be the biggest film he will ever do.

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    I think it is highly unlikely I will do something bigger than The Hobbit. Bigger doesn't always mean better, you know, but it's not that likely that I will do anything on this scale because there aren't many other things that are as big on this scale.
    The advantage of doing this part for so long is that you slip in and out of character very easily, so it becomes like a familiar old jacket or something. You put the feet on, that literally helps you form how you walk… how you carry yourself and you are instantly back in that thing and before you know it your head's twitching around and your fingers… you know when your nose is twitching. It becomes very easy to be that character.

    3. He jokingly and repeatedly gave the middle finger to the camera behind the scenes of The Hobbit. Fans noticed it and it subsequently went big on Tumblr.

    It developed because on a Peter Jackson film there is always, always, always behind-the-scenes footage being shot. And there was a lovely fella called Michael was in charge of the behind-the-scenes footage, and it was usually him but then he had a team. At first it was him always filming us, and I think me giving him the finger would be my friendly way of telling him, "Hello, I know you're there… I probably won't give you an interview at this point", you know, it was my friendly way, but knowing that he had a job to do.The more I did it the more he looked for it, and the more he looked for it the more I did it. I think in my head this would be funny at a wrap party or something.
    I didn't think it will be in for public consumption, no, I didn't. The cast and crew might see it and go "haha" and that would be the end of it. On a film like this I don't think anything is not for public consumption, I think everything is up. You learn to be very careful about everything you do or say because once it is out of your mouth, all of this will be for public consumption.

    5. He only bought a computer in 2011 whilst filming The Hobbit and has always had an odd relationship with the internet.

    Matt Crossick/Matt Crossick/EMPICS Entertainment

    6. And he doesn’t understand why everyone suddenly becomes an authority on politics or current affairs during Twitterstorms.

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    I also think so many political experts who find nothing more important to talk about than me and Sherlock, do you know what I mean? If you are so massively dedicated to Ferguson, or social justice or whatever, why are you writing about two middle class white boys again? Do something else with your time.

    7. He doesn't understand why the internet made so much fuss over Benedict's missing shoulder in a new photograph teasing the next Sherlock episode.

    BBC One / Twitter: @BBCOne
    Sherlock / Twitter: @BBCOne
    I know publicity matters, that it would be crazy to think that publicity doesn't matter in 2014. It does. I think in the course of the last few years, in my experience anyway, just being in two things that are really internet frenzy projects, it's gone from being "oh, this is quite fun" to being like "oh, this is like the most important thing in the world" and I don't quite understand that.

    8. And he's still got a special place in his heart for Love Actually.

    StudioCanal / Universal Pictures
    StudioCanal / Universal Pictures
    You also see any kind of chick flick or girly film absolutely ripped off the packaging of Love Actually. The design of Love Actually, the typeface, the basic line of that poster and that DVD cover has been ripped off so many times.I think it's uneven as a film. I think it's a bit hit and miss, but it did a good lot for me.

    The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies is in UK cinemas now. The film will be released in US cinemas on Dec. 17.

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