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New Look Is Selling Anti-Donald Trump T-Shirts And People Are Confused AF

"Get off the bandwagon NL. It's not classy," tweeted one customer.

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New Look / Via New Look

New Look has launched an anti-Donald Trump campaign, calling on its customers to "#DumpTrump" and "respect women".

The UK fashion retailer told BuzzFeed News it was not making a political statement, but "simply expressing our views that we fundamentally disagree with the comments made by Donald Trump in relation to women".

Trump has a history of making crude remarks about women. He called a Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly a “bimbo” and a “lightweight”, and in an interview with Howard Stern, said he would get the “bathing suits to be smaller and the heels to be higher" after buying the Miss USA pageant in 1997.

In an email to its database on Tuesday, New Look said "enough is enough". It included a link to its website where customers can buy slogan T-shirts, for men and women, at a cost of £7.99.

Customers have had mixed reactions to New Look's views on the US presidential candidate.

Wow! The world of high street fashion has nailed its colours unequivocally to the mast. #dumptrump #newlook…

One woman on Facebook said she had "mixed feelings about New Look using scum like Trump to make profits selling the T-shirts".

"I do hope you are going to give the profits to charities that help and support used and abused women rather than making a profit," she added.

Another said: "No way is New Look selling these t-shirts?!? Lol." Others praised the brand for its stance.

New Look posted a tweet linking to the tops on Tuesday with the words "respect women". Some weren't convinced by the fashion chain's foray into current affairs.

@NewLookFashion I just got this email from you, but have to say I'm not happy with a political slant from new look.

@NewLookFashion again, not really sure why a UK brand is getting involved in US politics! 🤔 especially when Hilary is no saint

@NewLookFashion stop selling political propaganda

A lot of people just thought it was all a bit odd.

No fan of the guy, but this anti-Trump campaign by new look is bizarre

New Look selling anti Trump tshirts haha what a pile of crap. I wouldn't wash my kitchen floor with one

But other people had "big love" for New Look's stance.

"RESPECT WOMEN #DUMPTRUMP" big love for new look after receiving this email earlier💃🏿✨ YOU GO NEW LOOK👑

Loving New Look's #DumpTrump campaign!! 😂👊🏻 #NewLook #Fashion #RespectWomen #Trump #Election #NEBloggers #Blog #Blogger

Gotten a email off newlook about the new "Dump Trump" t-shirts.. love itt ☺️

And this person tweeted that New Look had got it "spot on".

New Look customers on Instagram were more receptive to the idea, with this post racking up 14,000 likes. / Via Instagram

"YES NEW LOOK !!!!" said one commenter. "WHERE CAN I GET ONE 😂😋😂😂😂😂😂" said another.

New Look has also written a post on its website featuring Trump Halloween pumpkin designs and costume ideas.

"Sick of Trump? Here at New Look, we fundamentally disagree with his comments in relation to women. If you do too, you can say it sartorially and rock one of our slogan tees! Shop them below," the blog post reads.

But some people have called it "too much".

@NewLookFashion I'm disgusted if this is real!!! 😡😡😡

A New Look spokeswoman said the brand "fundamentally" disagreed with Trump's views.

"We are not making a political statement, we are simply expressing our views that we fundamentally disagree with the comments made by Donald Trump in relation to women," she said.

"New Look is proud to be an inclusive brand and we respect all women."

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