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    • saras76

      I’m an extremely picky eater, but there’s a difference between foods I don’t like and foods I have a strong mental aversion to. Example: I enjoy fruit and love vegetables, but I dislike cantaloupe, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, and raw onions to name a few. Do I like these foods? No. Am I grossed out by them? Absolutely not. If you paid me to eat them, I’d eat ‘em and take the money. But then there’s the foods that I WILL NOT eat under any circumstances (barring starvation of course). I won’t eat red meat, I won’t eat cheese, and I won’t eat anything creamy. They’re disgusting. You could not pay me to eat a bite of pasta salad, or a sandwich with mayonnaise, or a plate of fettuccine alfredo. Sour cream? No. Any type of cheese sauce? No. And it really sucks going to a restaurant sometimes because the American diet is structured around the things I don’t like. Not everything needs to have cheese on it. Not every sauce has to be a cream sauce. Dairy products are relatively gross and the concept of eating them is fundamentally disgusting. I do, however, eat pizza, ice cream, and cereal, and I drink chocolate milk, so I’m not necessarily criticizing dairy; I’m just saying it’s weird that we eat it. I think my aversion to these foods stems from the fact that dairy products go bad very quickly, and perhaps subconsciously I believe that eating these things will automatically make me sick.

    • saras76

      The lack of support, intelligence, and understanding in these comments is disgusting. If I passed around the photo of her wearing the shorts in question to you people and asked if you thought they were inappropriate, I’d be willing to bet that more than half of you would say no. But since she’s the subject of a controversial article, you all have to get up on your internet high horses and act like she’s this slutty tramp who doesn’t respect adults. If you really think she’s in the wrong, scroll up and look at the picture again. There is nothing inappropriate about those shorts. There is nothing sexual about legs. Stop being irrational douchebags and stop sexualizing things that don’t need to be sexualized.

    • saras76

      [the following is a general comment, not necessarily directed at the poster above] Yeah, but it’s NOT sexual. That’s the point! All the old fogies on here are acting like she’s dressing like a total tramp when she’s wearing shorts that are PERFECTLY APPROPRIATE for a girl her age. “Oh, just follow the rules”, you’re all saying. The rules are fucking stupid! Don’t you morons get that? I’m not saying all dress codes are stupid, but in this day and age, to think that a girl wearing shorts is blatantly sexual, is absolutely ridiculous. If you really think those shorts are inappropriate, YOU have a serious problem. And really, “have some modesty”? She’s not running around with her butt purposely hanging out and cleavage on display. The top part of her thigh is visible. Ooh, scandalous. Get a grip on reality, you perverts.

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