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19 Terrible Moments In The Life Of A Picky Eater

You don't win friends with salad.

1. When you have to order something really awkward and get serious judgement from the waiter.

2. Not to mention your friends.

3. And then when the food comes the thing that you asked to be left off wasn't left off.

4. So you send it back and go through the whole awkward thing again, feeling like the worst person in the world.

5. And when it comes back for a second time you know full well that they just scraped it off or mixed it in. But you eat it anyway, because awkward.

6. This is tough because even a food you like touching a food you don't like is enough to give you anxiety.

7. When someone tries to get you to try something that you know you don't like.

8. When you meet a kid who has more adventurous tastes than you.

9. When you sit down and realise there is NOTHING on the menu that you want.

10. Then your friends begrudgingly offer to go somewhere else, but this only makes you feel even MORE awkward.

11. So you demand that you stay where you are, whilst your stomach rumbles (I never said any of this made logical sense).

12. When you're at an event with free food and you're briefly ecstatic (because free food!) only to realise that you don't actually like any of it.

13. So while everyone eats for free, you eat the thing that you have EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

14. When your favourite restaurant changes their menu.

15. Or when your friends suggest you trying out this "cool new place".

16. When someone cooks something for you that you don't like and you have to eat it to be polite but can't hide your disgust.

17. When someone asks you WHY you don't like something.

18. When someone tells you to grow up.

19. When you finally come to the conclusion that there is something genetically different about you, and THAT'S why you don't like tomatoes.

(Except on pizza, obviously.)