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19 Indications You Love Animals More Than People

Why have friends when you can have dogs?

1. Your most memorable party moments all involve sitting in a corner and petting the host's cat.

2. You refuse to date someone if your dog ever growled at them or snubbed them in any way.

Disney/101 Dalmatians / Via

3. You can watch intense war dramas without shedding a tear, but if the commercial break involves Sarah McLachlan, you are done for.


4. As a child, you much preferred stuffed animals to human dolls.

5. You consider the ability to have pets in the office a legitimate job perk.

NBC/The Office / Via

6. When you have to choose between going out with your friends or lying in bed with your pet, the choice is obvious.

7. You side-eye toddlers who won’t stop bothering an animal (and, more importantly, their parents who think it's cute).

TLC/Toddlers and Tiaras / Via

It's a living thing. It feels things. Control your child!

8. The day in seventh grade where you had to dissect frogs was one of the worst days of your life.

Buena Vista Pictures/10 Things I Hate About You / Via

And was the moment you decided you hated all your classmates for being so nonchalant about it.

9. Your favorite Disney movies were the ones that starred animals, not princesses.

Disney/The Lion King

Disney/Lady and the Tramp

10. Zoos make you absolutely miserable and you daydream about jumping in and freeing the animals.

Nickelodeon/Hey Arnold!

11. Growing up, you always felt irrationally envious of cartoon characters with anthropomorphic animal best friends.

Cartoon Network/Adventure Time / Via

And you still totally are.

12. Instead of exchanging watercooler stories, you spend your downtime at work finding ways to get animals to make an appearance.

13. Your versions of reality TV shows are live cams of grizzly bears and corgi puppies. / Via

BEAR CAM! CORGI CAM! What other escape do you need?

14. And, every year, you completely alienate yourself from everyone you know by watching the Puppy Bowl instead of the Super Bowl.

Macey J Foronda / Via

15. You’ve turned down prospective roommates solely because they weren’t into getting a pet in the near future.

16. While your friends talk about hypothetical future children, you're thinking about hypothetical future dogs.

AB Baby Productions/Whose Dog Is It Anyway? / Via

17. You tend to interrupt deep conversations because you just passed by a really cute dog on the street.

18. You hate to admit it, but you identify with the characters in Best in Show.

Warner Bros./Best In Show / Via

19. You’ve never understood why “cat lady” is a bad thing; to you, having a lifelong pet soulmate always sounded better than marriage because animals are perfect.

Columbia Records/"Heartbreaker" by Mariah Carey / Via