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    25 Things That’ll Probably Make You Think, “Yup, You’re Going In My Cart”

    You’ll thank me later.

    1. A mug featuring quotes from Jane Austen’s most famous works, along with a portrait of the beloved author. If you’re still swooning over Captain Wentworth (who is far superior to Mr. Darcy, IMO) this may be the perfect vessel for your morning tea.

    A mug with a picture of Jane Austen and quotes from her novels

    2. A foot massager that'll use acupressure to help relieve aches and pains in your tootises. Just slide your feet over the nubbed wooden rollers and it’ll stimulate blood flow to the area, providing instant relief.

    Two feet slide over a wooden foot massager

    3. A body lotion that'll give you 24 hours of moisturization and leave your skin feeling silky smooth. The yummy smell of coconut water and mimosa flower will have you constantly sniffing your fine-smelling self.

    A body lotion  on a background with chunks of coconut and palm leaves

    4. A cozy little pumpkin pet bed for your furry friend that’s both adorable and hilarious. It’s great for cats and smaller dogs, and it’ll most definitely provide you with some Instagram gold.

    A cat emerges from a pumpkin shaped pet home

    5. A lip gloss that'll make your lips super moisturized and also delightfully shiny and sparkly. It smells like cotton candy and doesn’t get tacky, so feel free to engage in some smooching.

    A person holds two tubes of the product beside their lips which are very sparkly

    6. A mermaid mug with whimsical scales and a gold tail handle, for when you basically want to ~swim~ in your morning coffee. You can also use it as a little home for succulents or flowers!

    A mug with scales and a gold tail for a handle

    7. A pack of sleepytime tea that'll help you unwind after a stressful day and get ready for some nighttime snoozing. It's made with chamomile, spearmint, lemongrass, and valerian that'll naturally help you start to drift off.

    8. Or a Deep Sleep pillow spray that may help you manage your sleeping pattern better. It harnesses soothing scents like lavender to lull you into deep sleep, so you can wake up feeling fresh and well-rested.

    A hand holds the product against a floral background

    9. A set of silicone dish scrubbers that’ll make you want to get rid of your old sponges, since those can be a breeding ground for bacteria and weird smells. Just lather it up like you would with a regular sponge and it'll help you clean up your dishes in no time.

    A hand uses a silcone scrubber to get dirt off of a plate

    10. A bottle of Joe Beef steak seasoning (from the famous Montreal restaurant) that’s packed with bold barbecue flavours, like mustard and garlic. It’ll add the flavours of the city’s famous smoked meat, for a yummy blend you’ll reach for when you marinate pretty much anything.

    A hand is sprinkling seasoning onto a piece of meat on a cutting board with a bottle of seasoning beside it

    11. Or a bottle of hot honey that'll add a sweet and spicy kick to any meal. Reviewers say that it’s the perfect addition to a cup of tea when you're feeling under the weather.

    12. A highlighter made from a jelly-based formula that'll truly make your cheekbones pop. It glides on smoothly, and it can be layered for a light sheen or packed on for a super glowy look.

    13. A tongue scraper made of surgical-grade stainless steel that'll get rid of the bacteria that lurks in your mouth and causes bad breath. If you've become more aware of how gross your breath is due to wearing a face mask while out and about, this may help!

    A person uses a tongue scraper to remove film on their tongue

    14. A pack of translucent pimple patches that'll suck the gunk out of your skin, which will help make your spots less noticeable. They're breathable, which prevents scarring, and they'll also protect your inflamed skin from harmful germs in the air.

    15. A wireless charger that's compatiable with Apple products and newer Samsung phones. Reviewers say it charges their devices at lightning speed and love that they don't need to remove their cases to use it.

    A person places a phone on a charging pad

    16. A posture corrector that’ll help improve your posture and properly align your spine. It’ll just take a few weeks to help build up your muscle memory and prevent slouching, and it has over 7,000 five-star reviews.

    A person is wearing a posture corrector pictured from the back

    17. A pack of reusable makeup-erasing cloths that'll get even the most stubborn mascara off. You don't need makeup remover for these to work — just run them under warm water and start cleansing your face. They also help get rid of dirt and oil that’s snuck its way into your pores.

    A person holds a makeup erasing cloth

    18. A toilet spray that'll prevent unfortunate bathroom odours from happening. Just spritz this into your toilet before you need to do your business and no one will know what you've been up to!

    A bottle of the product on a leaf

    19. A really good hand cream that'll help make your dry, cracked hands feel healthy and supple again. It's non-greasy, hypoallergenic, and reviewers say they've seen a dramatic improvement in their skin after using it.

    A person holds a jar of the product in their hands

    20. A body pillow that's technically meant for pregnant people, but will also help non-pregnant people get cozy at night. It'll support your back, hips, knees, or neck depending on how you position it, so you'll sleep more comfortably through the night and wake up with fewer aches and pains.

    A person lies on a bed supported by a pillow that wraps around their body

    21. A tactical pen that works as a traditional pen for writing notes, but also has a glass-breaking head that can actually shatter car windows in an emergency. It also features a flashlight and a multi-tool head that can be used as a bottle opener or as a hex key.

    A person uses a pen to break through a car window

    22. A spray that’ll get rid of weed smells that linger in the air and soft surfaces, like couches and linens. A few sprays of this and no one will be the wiser that you were indulging in a little of the green stuff.

    A person holds a bottle that says cannabolish

    23. A pre-seasoned cast iron skillet that you'll find yourself reaching for again and again, because you can use it to cook almost anything. You can even use it over a campfire.

    A cast iron skillet with salmon and asparagus

    24. A retro-style glittery lava lamp with swirling, sparkly bits inside that’ll add a touch of elegance to any room. Reviewers say it's beautiful to watch it in action and that the light display is super calming.

    A lava lamp on a desk with glitter inside of it

    25. And lastly, a popsicle-shaped lip tint that looks good enough to eat. Reviewers say it's hydrating and provides a subtle, natural flush to your lips for when you want a bit of colour, but don't want anything too bold.

    A person holds a lip tint that looks like a popsicle with a tint on their lips

    If you're asking yourself if you need these things, here's the answer:

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