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    19 Products That’ll Get Rid Of All The Weird Smells In Your Life

    Foul stench, begone.

    1. A lil' mama who is so upset about your smelly fridge and freezer that she’ll take matters into her own hands. Just fill her up with some baking soda, place her in the fridge (or freezer), and she’ll quickly get rid of that onion aroma that’s been hanging around.

    A device shaped like a person that looks angry in a fridge

    2. A garlic-shaped stainless steel odour absorber that'll get the scent of garlic, onion, and fish off of your hands after a day in the kitchen. Just rub it on your hands as you would with a bar of soap and it'll get rid of the funky smells.

    A person holds a garlic shaped bar under water

    3. A candle made with bamboo, water flowers, lemon, lime, and peppermint that'll neutralize the unpleasant smells your pets leave in your house. Reviewers say it prevents their house from smelling like a litter box, and that it doesn't give them a headache the way some scented candles do.

    A candle burns on a table while a person snuggles a dog on a couch

    4. Or an odour-destroying spray that'll get rid of pee smells and some of the other unfortunate scents your fluffy friends sometimes leave for you. It works on fabric as well as hard surfaces, so it'll even save carpets and pillows.

    A bottle of odour destroyer being held up in front of a sleeping puppy

    5. A spray that’ll get rid of weed smells that linger in the air and soft surfaces, like couches and linens. A few sprays of this and no one will be the wiser that you were indulging in a little of the green stuff.

    A person holds a bottle that says cannabolish

    6. Or a smell-proof bag to store your bud that looks like a pencil case. It has a double velcro seal that'll preserve the freshness of your product and reviewers say that it totally masks the scent of anything you put in it, like used pipes.

    A bag with a velcro flap that looks like a pencil case

    7. A spray for your car that works on a molecular level to banish odours like cigarette smoke, wet dog, and workout gear. Just turn your air conditioning on high, spray the product, close the car doors, and let it circulate for about 15 minutes. Then open the car doors and let the air out for another 15 minutes — your car will literally have that “new car” smell again!

    A person holds a small can of the product in a car

    8. An essential oil diffuser that’ll give the air a light scent when things start to smell a little stale. You can leave it running while you’re working at your desk or doing chores.

    A person drinks a coffee while reading a book with the diffuser running in the foreground

    9. Some trash bags that actually control odours when you throw garbage into them, so the smell doesn't stink up the whole room. Reviewers say they're very durable and even help to keep the smell of kitty litter contained.

    A person puts a trash bag in a trash container

    10. A dozen lavender sachets that’ll freshen up your clothes, so they won’t get that musty smell from sitting in the closet for a few weeks. Each sachet comes with threaded loop for hanging, but you can also tuck the packs into drawers, desks, greeting cards, and luggage.

    A lavender sachet hangs in a coat that's hung in a closet

    11. A concentrated odour neutralizer that just uses one drop to clean up smelly situations. It'll get rid of unwanted scents instead of masking them, so you can even fix the stench from the organic waste container that always makes you gag.

    A bottle of the product sits beside a garbage pail and garbage

    12. Or an air-sanitizing spray that'll clean up unwanted scents by attaching itself to airborne bacteria and bad smells. Reviewers say that it even gets rid of the smell of harsh cleaning chemicals.

    A can of the product sits beside an ash tray and shot glass

    13. Some washing machine cleaning tablets that'll get rid of the funky odour and grime that gets left behind in your machine. Just pop a tablet in once a month and your washer will smell cleaner and fresher.

    A person puts a tablet in the washer

    14. And a set of dishwasher cleaning tablets that’ll get rid of the lingering scent of tuna that seems to stick around. You can run it either on an empty cycle or put the tablet at the bottom of the dishwasher while you do dishes.

    A person puts a tablet into a dishwashing machine

    15. A set of silicone dish scrubbers that’ll make you want to get rid of your old sponges, since those can be a breeding ground for bacteria and weird smells. Just lather it up like you would with a regular sponge and it'll help you clean up your dishes in no time.

    A hand uses a silcone scrubber to get dirt off of a plate

    16. A pack of drain cleaning and deodorizing sticks that'll help get rid of debris build-up and the awful smells that can result from it. Just pop one of the sticks into your kitchen or bathroom drain once a month and it'll get rid of organic matter that sticks to the inside of your pipes.

    17. An odour-eliminating bag that'll get rid of the funkiest shoe smell, the grossest gym bag stench, and the mustiness that lingers in closets. It uses bamboo to naturally absorb scents and moisture, and it purifies the air, so you can take a deep breath without gagging.

    A pair of flats with the bag in them

    18. Some toilet stamps that’ll help clean the toilet, aka the gross chore no one really wants to do. Just stick the stamp onto your toilet bowl, and every time you flush, it’ll prevent stains from building up — and it’ll make your bathroom smell all citrus-y, too.

    19. And lastly, a toilet spray that'll prevent unfortunate bathroom odours from happening at all. Just spritz this into your toilet before you need to do your business and no one know what you've been up to!

    A bottle of the product on a leaf

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