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    • sarahm136

      1: at first i didn’t recognize it, but then it all came flooding back… yep.. did that game *a lot*
      2: i remember having fun with that.
      3: i broke so many pencils in those sharpeners.
      4: never did watch disney hardly, was a nickelodeon child.
      5: i loved oregon trail. i remember playing it at school. though my family always died of dysentery and i never knew what that was. just figured it was some disease that was bad.
      6: even though i didn’t really watch the disney channel, i watched every disney movie that came out. and i remember having to use tracking to fix the video.
      7: first MP3 player? i dont know what that is.. i had a walkman and a boombox.. then a discman.
      8: don’t think i ever used that program.
      9: those were pretty good but i didn’t get them very often.
      11: those were good for flicking and/or kicking.
      12: i used paint a lot. and then TOTALLY DID THAT EXACT SAME THING.
      13: never had green ketchup to my knowledge.
      14: i hated those things because they exploded all over the hallway constantly.
      15: those were good, but yeah always had to pick them out of my teeth. so annoying.
      16: don’t remember having one of those.
      17: don’t think i played those games either… though i had another game that was similar to the aladdin one.
      18: i had so many of these pens. it was the best invention ever.
      19: no.
      20: yes. “ah, the kid cups.”
      21: i was never very good at that game.
      22: i draw these things constantly. even into the college years.
      23: don’t remember these.
      24: i can taste those in my mind by looking at the picture. flavored chalk.
      25: i remember those but i don’t remember it saying i love you.
      26: never drank those, i always drank sunny d.
      27: i loved those ice cream things. i’d lick the lid. eat off the tiny wooden spoon they give you.
      28: purple was my favorite. smelled all the markers all the time.
      29: i only got the one with pegasus on it because it had a pegasus on it.
      30: sure.
      31: again, never did watch much disney channel.
      32: i watched a TON of price is right with bob barker.
      33: yep, remember those things too.
      34: but peeling it off your hands was *so cool*
      35: what’s that?
      36: deliciousness.
      37: i remember those and i think i had them but i don’t remember for sure. i had a pair of rollerblades later though. and i had a road thing on the floor but i think it was more of a polly pocket thing.
      38: i had a ton of these and they were all horrible erasers.
      39: it was so exciting to go to blockbuster to pick out a movie. like a treat or a special occasion.
      41: yes always a crowd pleaser.
      42: these were also fun. i remember trying to stick it to various objects by throwing it. but they would lose their stickiness because of the dirt and lint that it would attract.
      43: had a phone that resembled this but it was just black.
      44: i can hear the dialup noise in my head now…
      45: arnold’s room i thought was cool but i hated sun in my room, so never wanted his.
      46: i remember that game but never had it. it was a boys game.
      47: i don’t remember if i had these. i think we just used bags or pillow cases.
      48: never tried that.
      49: one of my favorite movies as a kid. along with the sequel. i had a cat.
      50: i like those dirt pie things. gummy worms were the best part. i loved mr. rogers neighborhood. the feels..

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