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11 Photos Of Dogs Who Should Be Competing In The Olympic Games

Gold medal in being a good boy.

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The Olympic games are full of incredibly talented human athletes but what if all you care about are dogs, though?

Photographer Chantal Adair, aka @thedogstyler to the rescue!

1. Yo, Adrian! I didn't pee when you came home!


2. This pup's got ups. And the best uniform of the games.


3. Literally paddling doggie-style right now.


4. My only GOAL in life is to cuddle these two.


5. The Williams sisters are trembling in their tennis shoes rn.

@BlakeMurray114 and @Remi_The_Teddy

6. The Air Bud of beach volleyball ain't about that bikini life


7. Everyone freaked out over male gymnasts' onesie-like outfits BUT WHAT ABOUT THIS PATRIOTIC DOG JUMPER?!


8. If you don't see a champion here, I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO TELL YOU.

@ChloeKardoggian and @MiniHorseHeroes

9. Don't let this face fool you into thinking she isn't a magician on the rings!


10. Is it the '90s and did someone turn Shaq and Muggsy into dogs????

@ApolloTheGreatDane and @EllaBeanTheDog

11. Row yourself into my life, please, pups.

@MinnieDoodle and @RosenbergTheDog

Watch the American women led by Simone Biles in the gymnastics team final tonight in primetime at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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