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What's Going On With Those Men's Gymnastics Onesies?

The truth may humongously disappoint you.

If you've been watching men's gymnastics, you've probably noticed the competitors' uniforms, which look from afar like footed onesies.

Did a Swiss gymnast come to my house and steal my favorite comfy pajamas??


But hold on a second.

If you can bear it, please look very carefully at this handsome and sculpted male gymnast. (His name is Max Whitlock.)

Those aren't footed pajamas. They're just...stirrup pants with a matching sock!!

You can tell even more easily when the gymnast wears different-colored socks.

And that's a singlet just tucked into the stirrup pants. It's not connected at all.

Like everything else in your life, the gymnastics onesies were just a tiny glimmer of hope that would eventually dissolve into a bleak reality (that it's just freakin' stirrup pants).

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