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31 Gifts That Will Make Any Hufflepuff Love You Forever

Bleed black and yellow.

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4. Easy-peasy herb planter kits that will make anyone look like they have an experienced green thumb.

Fake it until you learn how to stop killing plants?

Get the herb kits on the left from Food52 for $30 each and the herb garden on the right for $40.90.


8. Grass blade pens or cocktail picks so you can easily incorporate bits of nature to your indoors life.

Get mow-tivated to work (or host a dinner party).

Get them from Amazon, the left set of 12 for $3.18 and the right set of 10 for $10.99.


22. An extremely official-looking journal that will become the only thing you'll want to take your notes in.

Leave your classmates with no doubt in their minds about which House you're in.

Get it from Amazon for $24.95. And get a Hufflepuff pen to match!

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