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Here Are BTS's Most-Liked Tweets Of 2019

2019 should be renamed BTS's year. But then again, so should 2020, 2021 — you get it.

To no one's surprise, BTS was the most tweeted musician of 2019. *ARMY casually nods in unison*

E! / Via

And since a large part of that is due to their own active social media presence, I rounded up *their* most-liked tweets of 2019 to reminisce about their ~social media dominance~.

NBC / Via

My method was very scientific. I scrolled through every 2019 tweet (welp) and determined that the most popular tweets got around 1.8 million likes. The numbers you see on Twitter are actually rounded up or down to the nearest hundred thousand, but the embedded tweets show a more accurate number — so I only included tweets that had at least 1.75 million likes and up at the time of scrolling/viewing! Got it? Cool.

So, here we go. Here are BTS's top 21 tweets of 2019 — as of **December 11, 2019**:

(To be totally transparent, this is a slightly curated selection of their actual top tweets, 'cause these bois tweet A LOT, the number of likes keep going up, and this list could go on forever.)

21. The whole gang takin' an elevator ('cause they're just like us normal peeps!):

@BTS_twt / Via Twitter: @BTS_twt

I live for Suga's encyclopedia of facial expressions.

20. J-Hope early-morning-jammin' to Khalid and John Mayer's "Outta My Head" in the Big Apple:

@BTS_twt / Via Twitter: @BTS_twt

Yeah, umm, how can I wake up like this?

19. Jungkook hamming it up with one of his biggest role models, Lee Min Woo of legendary OG K-pop group, Shinhwa (who's still together!):


They're full-fledged buds now, but JUST LOOK at bowl-cut bb Kookie meeting Lee Min Woo for the first time at a dog café — ugh, the memories feel so warm and fresh, like it was just yesterday!

18. V's hilarious failed attempt of the bottle cap challenge, as recorded by Jimin:

@BTS_twt / Via Twitter: @BTS_twt

17. Jungkook, aka Muscle Bunny, getting down to business:

@BTS_twt / Via Twitter: @BTS_twt

I'm exercise-averse, so I'm not even gonna try to comment on what he's working on.

16. Jungkook grabbing a meal with his star-studded, '97 liner crew:

@BTS_twt / Via Twitter: @BTS_twt

Hello, Cha Eun-Woo (ASTRO), Mingyu (Seventeen), and Yugyeom (GOT7)!

15. V demonstrating his piano mastery:

@BTS_twt / Via Twitter: @BTS_twt

Beethoven? I only know Veethoven! (Though it doesn't have quite the same ring.)

14. The youngest members just goofin' off in LA, the usual:

@BTS_twt / Via Twitter: @BTS_twt

13. V vacationing and hangin' out with his famous actor crew:

@BTS_twt / Via Twitter: @BTS_twt

Between Hwarang, Fight My Way, and Parasite, there's such immense star power in this friend group!!!

12. An almost perfect group mirror selfie:

우리가 밝게 웃을수 있다는건 아미가 우리 행복하게 만들어줬기때문 🙇‍♂️💜

@BTS_twt / Via Twitter: @BTS_twt

Jungkook, you rascal!

11. V putting his insomnia to very, very good use:

@BTS_twt / Via Twitter: @BTS_twt

I wish I looked this cute n' relatively-at-peace when I can't fall asleep for the 3rd hour in a row!

10. Jimin dressed up as his BT21 character, Chimmy:

Say hello to me ☺️ #JIMIN #Babybear

@BTS_twt / Via Twitter: @BTS_twt


9. RM and V giving all of those lights a ~reason to shine~:

@BTS_twt / Via Twitter: @BTS_twt

V's blue hair and RM's white hair in "Boy With Luv" nearly made me faint. True story.

8. The cuuuuutest video taken onstage while performing "Mikrokosmos:"

못본아미분들은 하트받아가시오~ 😎읏챠~~ ❤️

@BTS_twt / Via Twitter: @BTS_twt

One of my fave BTS b-sides ever!

7. V perfectly complimenting the gorgeous weather, because he is a gorgeous boi:

@BTS_twt / Via Twitter: @BTS_twt

6. Jimin wishing Jungkook "happy birthday" while on vacation, because he's the bestest boi and bestest friend:

생일 축하해 ☺️💜 #JIMIN #꾹이생일ᄎᄏ

@BTS_twt / Via Twitter: @BTS_twt

According to a fan's translation Jimin says, "Jungkook-ssi! Happy birthday! Eat lots of delicious things! Live a long life! I truly wish you a happy birthday. Let’s get a drink later!"

5. This adorably presh mashup video celebrating their 6th year anniversary with ARMY:

방탄생일 축하해 주셔서 감사해요 저도 작은 선물 준비했어요 ☺️🙏❤️ #JIMIN #방탄생일ㅊㅋ

@BTS_twt / Via Twitter: @BTS_twt

*sobs into the next year*

4. This extremely lol shot:

@BTS_twt / Via Twitter: @BTS_twt

Click through to see the full photo, and you'll notice he has a blow dryer up his sleeve. LOL.

3. An excited Jimin and Jungkook moment ft. a lit-up stadium:

@BTS_twt / Via Twitter: @BTS_twt

We! Purple! You!

2. Jungkook showin' off his freshly-cut locks:

@BTS_twt / Via Twitter: @BTS_twt

That side sweep gives me chills.

1. And finally, Jungkook breaking the intern—I mean, dancing to Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy:"

@BTS_twt / Via Twitter: @BTS_twt

But they did actually break the internet as a group.

And as a bonus, they retweeted this epic photo from Variety's Hitmakers:

Now this is a collab we can get behind | @billieeilish @BTS_twt #HITMAKERS

@Variety / Via Twitter: @Variety

I SMELL A COLLAB COMIN'. 2020, LET'S GO. Break the internet pt. 2!

What was your favorite BTS tweet of 2019? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet at us @BuzzFeedDaebak!