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    "Parasite" Is Getting Oscar Buzz, So Here Are 17 Facts About The Movie

    The Kim family's entire neighborhood was built on a water tank!

    🍑Warning: mild spoilers ahead. 🍑

    1. The original title of the film was "The Décalcomanie."

    NEON / CJ Entertainment

    Director and writer Bong Joon-ho told The Hollywood Reporter, "When you look at the final results of a decalcomania or decal, both sides look identical at a first glance. But if you look at it more closely, they’re not exactly the same. This kind of explains something about these two families."

    2. The Kim family's house, alleyway, and neighborhood houses were all built on a set that doubled as a water tank.

    HanCinema / Via

    The art department also visited abandoned homes that were soon-to-be demolished in order to collect props and materials for the film.

    3. The first floor and private front yard of the Park home were built in an empty lot in Jeonju, South Korea. A green screen was then placed on top and a second floor was added digitally. Each room in the home was built on separate sound stages.

    HanCinema / Via

    Bong Joon-ho told Vulture, "There are nearly 480 visual-effects shots, but we can never feel it in the movie."

    4. The film was initially imagined as a play when Bong Joon-ho first came up with the idea in 2013.

    NEON / CJ Entertainment

    In the play, the stage would have been divided by the two houses.

    5. Bong pulled inspiration from his own life. He worked as a tutor for a wealthy family when he was in college and often felt like he was "spying" on them.

    Lars Niki / Getty Images

    He was even shown the family's private sauna by the guy he was tutoring at the time, and included that in this film.

    6. Both Choi Woo-shik and Song Kang-ho had no idea what the movie would even be about before they accepted their roles in it. Both actors had previously worked with the director on other projects and trusted him completely.

    NEON / CJ Entertainment

    Choi worked with Bong on Ojka, and Song worked with him on Memories of Murder, The Host, and Snowpiercer.

    7. Park So-dam also did not know what the film was about before agreeing to be in it. All Bong told her during their first meeting was that she would be playing Song's daughter and that she could refuse if she wanted to. She obviously didn't.

    NEON / CJ Entertainment

    She initially thought he was joking when he asked her.

    8. Bong was very anxious about whether or not Song would like the Parasite script. He even said that if Song didn't approve of it, he would have killed the project.

    Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

    Bong said, "There is no alternative. Only he could do this role."

    9. The word "ram-don" was created by the translator for the film and is a dish consisiting of two different types of instant noodles: black bean and spicy seafood flavor.

    NEON / CJ Entertainment

    The dish is actually called jjapaguri and was too difficult to translate because it is a combination of two brand names.

    10. When the dad is looking at the forged documents, he actually says, "Seoul National University," but the captions read "Oxford." This is because Bong and the translator agreed that in order for the joke to land, foreign audiences had to understand the joke immediately.

    NEON / CJ Entertainment

    11. Unlike most directors, Bong often demonstrated the performance for the actors, so all they had to do was follow his demonstrations.

    12. Bong didn't realize he included so much water when writing the script, but did say it connects to the film's theme. He told an audience at TIFF, "rather than water being important in itself, water flows from top to bottom, and I think that's the tragic and sad element in this film."

    NEON / CJ Entertainment

    He went on to say, "water flows from the rich to the poor, it never flows the other way."

    13. Lee Jeong-eun — who plays the first housekeeper — also voiced Okja in Bong's 2017 film of the same name.

    NEON / CJ Entertainment, Netflix

    14. The song Kim Ki-jung and Kim Ki-woo sing before entering the Park home is actually a common song in Korea used to help school children memorize things.

    NEON / CJ Entertainment

    15. The water pressure was tested in the scene where Kim Ki-jung smokes a cigarette on top of the overflowing toilet. They had to determine just how strong the sewer water had to be. Bong told GQ, "The special effects team prepared a lot to create that scene."

    NEON / CJ Entertainment

    16. Choi Woo-shik recorded a song called "Soju One Glass" for the soundtrack, and it is co-written by the film's director and the film's composer, Jaeil Jung.

    NEON / CJ Entertainment

    17. And finally, despite dreaming it up at the end of the film, it would actually take Kim Ki-woo 540 years to buy the home his dad is trapped in, based on his average salary.

    NEON / CJ Entertainment

    This total was calculated by the director.

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