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    BTS Is Decked Out In Lisa Frank And Virgil Abloh–Designed Louis Vuitton, So Consider The Internet Broken

    "Our music may be breaking down barriers between regions, languages and people."

    Hello, I interrupt your day to bring you the fine men of BTS lookin' FLY AS HECK on the cover of PAPER's "Break The Internet" issue.

    Hong Jang Hyun / PAPER

    Oh yes, let this vision fully sink in.

    Lisa Frank created custom artwork for the backgrounds and Virgil Abloh designed the Spring 2020 collection for Louis Vuitton Men that they're wearing. Siiiiick.

    And truly, what an appropriate issue to helm. Every time they release new music, go on tour, hang out with other celebrities, and really do anything — the Internet is all over them.

    Hong Jang Hyun / PAPER

    BTS credits the messages behind their music, saying, "Anybody can relate to the message we are trying to deliver, as we try to talk about the feelings shared by our generation. Our music may be breaking down barriers between regions, languages and people."

    Hong Jang Hyun / PAPER

    And we'd be remiss not to mention the tremendous impact of their deeply loyal fans, ARMY. The article puts it in plain terms: "The ARMY is one of the most deeply engaged music fandoms — especially on Twitter, where they boast 22.2 million followers as of October 2019 and where they hold the record for most engagement at more than 250,000 retweets per tweet."

    Through singing and making music about dreams, BTS hopes that they "can be of help" to listeners and fans.

    Hong Jang Hyun / PAPER

    RM: "We just hope that we can be of help. We did say that you don't have to dream, but living a life without dreams or hope would be quite dim, wouldn't it? I think everyone needs motivation and milestones in order to move. Whatever that may be, we want to be of help, even a little, for them to move forward."

    BTS also touched upon the meaning behind their LOVE YOURSELF series, saying, “Loving yourself is the beginning of true love."

    Hong Jang Hyun / PAPER

    BTS: "[We] also ask ourselves, 'Do I really love myself?' So, [we] looked back one more time and put that notion into the lyrics."

    Some of BTS's collaborators jumped in as well. Becky G said that she was "honored" to work with J-Hope on their super catchy, dancey, and trilingual track, "Chicken Noodle Soup."

    Hong Jang Hyun / PAPER

    Becky went on to say, "I've always said that music is universal, and to be able to merge three beautiful cultures in one song, especially one that both J-Hope and I remember dancing to during our childhood, was so cool. He was so welcoming and absolutely crushed it with every dance scene. Everyone on Twitter said we are kind of the same person, and I definitely felt that when we finally met."

    And Steve Aoki said, "[They've] dented the universe. There hasn't been a more prolific phenomenon since The Beatles. For us Asians, this is our generation's Bruce Lee — putting Asian faces once again in a powerful image."

    Hong Jang Hyun / PAPER

    Of course, there was plenty of individual quotes as well. Like, when it comes to the pressure to be perfect as global superstars, BTS members acknowledge that it's just a part of life.

    Hong Jang Hyun / PAPER

    Suga: "I would not be telling the truth if I said there's no pressure. But what can you do? Pressure is also one part of life."

    J-Hope: "I can't say we don't. These days, I feel like I live with a sense of mission. Rather than thinking, “It has to be perfect!," I do what I have to do, making sure I remember the really important and fundamental things and trust that the results will follow."

    V: "I feel the pressure of showing a performance that is close to perfection, but I also think that being natural is important, too."

    Jungkook: "The pressure is always there. But I want to show them that I am improving."

    And when asked about music styles they would like to try but haven't yet, their answers had quite a range.

    Hong Jang Hyun / PAPER

    J-Hope: "Now it feels like BTS is just BTS. Whichever [style of] music or performance, it comes out in BTS style."

    Jin: "I want to try something in the genre of rock. I think it will come out great because our members are pretty charismatic."

    Jungkook: "It's different from time to time. I just hope I can widen my vocal spectrum regardless of what that might be."

    V: "I want to try doing music in the style of Conan Gray or 'All Tinted.'"

    ARMYs were quick to react to the cover on Twitter, making #BTSBreakTheInternet trend almost instantly.

    Quick FYI: much like the time Kidz Bop covered @BTS_twt's 'Boy With Luv,' Lisa Frank doing the artwork for their cover on Paper is just another example of their impact & relevance in America. These are ICONIC things in our country. I'm so proud of them. #BTSBreakTheInternet

    @voixdefleur / Via Twitter: @voixdefleur

    Side note: Watch the Kidz Bop cover, 'cause OMG, SO CUTE??

    really have a lot of feelings about bts owning their female fandom in such a clear way- showing they can literally break the internet, not despite, but BECAUSE of fangirls. any notion that they still need to be validated by men at this point can be shut down #BTSBreakTheInternet

    @lucyj_ford / Via Twitter: @lucyj_ford

    You cannot box @bts_twt into a genre. BTS is just BTS. Their musicality and performance transcends whatever metrics you try to put them in 😊 #BTSBreakTheInternet

    @moonrainksj / Via Twitter: @moonrainksj

    [PAPER MAGAZINE] How did you spend your vacation? Suga: I focused on resting and worked on some songs. It was a time [for] looking back at myself JK: I worked on music AGUST D2 & JJK1 ARE COMING!! @BTS_twt #BTSBreakTheInternet

    @sorafirstlove / Via Twitter: @sorafirstlove

    Nothing says F you louder to toxic masculinity than this. You can't fight ignorance by trying to prove otherwise. You put them in their place by being successful even when hyperbolizing everything they hate and stick it right in their face 💅 @BTS_twt #BTSBreakTheInternet

    @bangtanism89_ / Via Twitter: @bangtanism89_

    Tag yourself. I'm the seal enchanted by Jimin's beauty #BTSBreakTheInternet

    @tantan_Bangtan / Via Twitter: @tantan_Bangtan

    In the last 24 hrs Persona climbed +69 spots on the Billboard 200 chart, @BTS_twt were named Group of the Year by Variety and now they're on the cover of Paper Magazine in Virgil Abloh’s LV collection feat. Lisa Frank art. When we say Karma's an ARMY 😎 #BTSBreakTheInternet

    @LilacSeeker / Via Twitter: @LilacSeeker

    Be sure to read the full cover story on PAPER and pre-order a physical copy to keep forever!