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    27 Lazy Ways To Decorate Your Home

    Interior designer vibes with a Gudetama-like mindset.

    1. Renters and/or lazy people, pay attention! Opt for chic peel-and-stick wallpaper to give your walls some extra love without the effort or permanence, aka having to paint your walls over every time you move in and out — save yourself the intense arm (and whole body, really) workout and paint splatter.

    2. And consider peel-and-stick faux ceramic tile backsplash as well, to give your kitchen or bathroom walls — or stairs, the possibilities are endless! — an upgrade that doesn't require any actual tiling work. My oh my, you'll be hosting parties just to show off your ~handiwork~!

    3. Plop a sophisticated tripod floor lamp into your living room or bedroom for cozy lighting that'll make your weary mind feel at ease after a long, rough day, while also making a statement. ~Standing~ ovation, anyone?

    4. For more decorative lighting, weave a line of copper string lights wherever you see fit — you can organize in about a million different ways (i.e. outlining posters, nestled within plants, etc.) for a warm glow that'll make your home feel like a magical oasis whenever you flick the switch. Couldn't be easier.

    5. Or add in an adorable Smoko fruit light for the perfect dose of mood/reading light *and* cuuuuute decor — how can you walk into a room, see this bb, and not grin from ear to ear??

    6. If you're a music fan, invest in a turntable stand to show off your amazing taste in music, keep said taste goin' all night long, organize your records like a boss, and have enough space left over for plants and accent decor.

    7. Pick up multifunctional pieces like a slim-fit aerogarden to spruce up your space with pretty greenery that you can then eat!! Genius move, tbh. It'll beautify your kitchen, while also not taking up a lot of room.

    8. Make the most of your wall space and mount storage racks so you can toss all of your hats, scarves, aprons, while keepin' your walls looking cute n' friendly.

    9. Or opt for a set of floating shelves to hold some extra knickknacks while lending your wall a much-needed kick of dimension.

    10. Stock up on some cute framed prints to make your walls more homey and an homage to the arts. Also, frames look much more put together than just taping prints (which I totally don't do...thanks for not asking).

    11. Shop for high quality–like materials like brass and marble, and let them do the talking — all you gotta do is sign for them when the delivery person comes.

    12. And speaking of marble, jazz up your otherwise plain-looking tables and countertops with some glossy marble contact paper that'll be a total piece of cake to apply, even if you're nowhere close to being a DIY pro (hello, it me).

    13. Get a cute area rug, because it's an easy way to brighten up a space and make a room seem bigger than it is.

    14. Or, if a rug seems like ~too much~, throw some velvet floor cushions into the mix for decor down below (gotta cover all of your vantage points!), and extra sitting for when you plan your next party — your friends' bums will thank ya'.

    15. Add a beautiful and, more importantly, relatively easy-to-care-for houseplant that'll breathe life into any room it decides to call home — just give it some a little light (not direct sunlight), and lots of love.

    16. And if you don't want to go THAT big, no worries — scatter a few ceramic succulent planters throughout your home to add teensy bits of color to your home without, frankly, the stress that comes with worrying about killing your greens.

    17. Spruce up an old and/or boring-ish couch with soft brushed yarn throw blankets and pillows.

    18. If you lean super heavily into the blanket life, plop a ladder against that wall that's both functional and decorative to keep 'em organized and lookin' cute — or designate them as a home for your scarves, belts, and more.

    19. And also aside from the couch, which can cost a lot of $$$ to replace, focus on other seating options by lookin' for a beautiful statement chair — like a lavender velvet, mid-century-inspired item.

    20. Dress up your bed (or couch!) with a stunning moon phase headboard for the perfect focal point that'll tie your bedroom decor together — and if you change bed sizes, it doubles as mountable wall decor!

    21. Swap your boring bathroom decor with a pretty botanical shower curtain to make your bathroom the best-dressed room of the house — when it comes to decor, don't leave it out! And it's super easy to swap out every few months for a change of ~scenery~ (or if your curtains gets a lil' too mildew-y, we won't tell).

    22. Stick some mosaic-like window film on any windows that need a layer of privacy from the outside world — and, as you can very well tell, they look glamorous, still let some natural light stream through, *and* occasionally project fantastic rainbow effects onto your room!

    23. Get some colorful stackable geometric storage trays to serve snacks or drinks to your guests, store accessories, or assign as a landing spot for your keys, wallet, and other important items you shouldn't forget on your way out.

    24. Hang a macrame wall mirror for good lewks and some quality self-reflection — for example, "This was such a smart purchase. Prime selfie opps for me and my guests, and I can touch up my makeup before I whiz out the door."

    25. Or hang a boho-inspired photo display to keep your memories organized and actually on display for those pictured to see and reminisce — and it comes with 25 removable wood clips ready to go!

    26. Give your makeup brushes and assorted knickknacks a stylish home in some mirrored holders that'll stand out and attract compliments no matter where you put them or what you use them for.

    27. And finally, put your wine obsession to good use and store your bottles in an elegant rack that's so gorgeous it might take your breath away — so my advice to you is: breathe in, breathe out, and take a big sip of wine from any of your six bottles.

    Me emerging from my laziness...and still not having the motivation to spruce up my mess of a home:

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