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29 Cheap Things To Treat Yourself To Right Now

Calling all broke kings and queens.

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1. Take some time each week (or every day if you're feeling especially stressed/down) to list things that bring you joy.

The journal is divided into four sections (with 13 lists each): Reflect, Acknowledge, Invest, and Transform. Start scribbling away!

Get it from Amazon for $11.70.


4. Soak yourself in a deeper and warmer bath with this handy suction cup.

It covers the overflow drain so you can fill up your tub past its usual limit (and actually submerge yourself in water, imagine that!).

Get it from Amazon for $9.68.


9. Treat yourself to a subscription box that delivers curated zines and underground artwork to your door every month.

Get a Zine-O-Matic subscription on Cratejoy for $13.99+.

If you'd prefer a standard book subscription, check this box out. Or if coloring books are your thing, check this box out.


14. Or you can go the old-school route and paint your nails with this snazzy color-changing formula.

It'll actually force you to relax while you wait (very calmly) for them to dry. You can reply to those emails later...not that you really want to anyways.

Get it from Amazon for $9.25.


25. Catch up with a friend over drinks in the comfort of your own home with this classy cocktail set.

Bonus: No randos hitting on you at the bar.

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $19.99.

And if you want some color, this black-and-gold cocktail shaker is a cool option.

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