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26 Times People Found Jesus In Random Places

Because Jesus is everywhere.

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1. Jesus is in our food.

I kinda think it looks more like Kurt Vonnegut than Jesus.

2. Jesus is in our pierogis.


3. Jesus is a well-rounded meal. He fills us up.

This pancake is way cooler than the potato chip that looks like Jesus. Details here:

4. Jesus rewards his followers with the holy chip.

RT @TheSpec: If you see “Jesus on toast” Looks like Charles Manson to me.

5. They said to Him, "We have here only five loaves and two fish." And He said, "Bring them here to Me." And He made them a breaded filet-o-fish.


6. Jesus takes many human forms. Jesus is Donald Glover.

If I had to guess what Jesus looks like this would probably be it

7. He liveth in Kenny Logins.

what was Kenny Loggins smokin? Obi Wan Kenobi x Jesus

8. Jesus is the force.

Mum, that's not a picture of Jesus

And the force is always with you.

9. Jesus is Rob McElhenney.

Jehovah's Witness Jesus looks like Mac from It's Always Sunny. Coincidence? I think not. @RMcElhenney

10. Jesus is Harry Styles.

"@_alltheloveHx_: #NEW • #OTRASanDiego Harry #25-28 " He looks like Jesus help me now

11. Jesus is a Giant and so we look up to Heaven.

Looks like Jesus RT @_evetteee Beautiful outing by this man

12. Jesus is in all of us, and Nicholas Cage is in Him.

Chilling in this old house, when I realize this Jesus painting looks like Nicholas Cage

13. Jesus is there when you first see your baby.

She said it looks like Jesus is holding her baby

14. Jesus is with you before you are born.

@SoccerAM Jesus face appeared on our baby's scan. Just below the head..

15. Jesus is womb-warmth.

So apparently this is Jesus' face in a baby scan, pretty sure it looks like Bagul from sinister

16. You do not have to give the gift of life to discover Jesus. Jesus is with you always. He is in your spills.

Kinda looks like Jesus showed up in @OneightyJHI this morning. #FacesEverywhere #FloorStain

17. Jesus is a fixer.

Found a weird face in a half reflection earlier lol looks like Jesus. Or some kind of Tree God

18. Jesus is in your wood.

Do you think this wood looks like Jesus? A lumber yard owner says it's a vision from God:

19. Jesus is also in your fake wood.

20. Jesus is your pain.

This girl at my wok has a bruise that looks like Jesus

21. Believers, open your mouth and let Him speak through you.

It literally looks like Jesus Christ is in his mouth

22. Jesus is the tornado, sweeping up everyone in his path to righteousness.

Turn this sideways & you can clearly see what looks like jesus in robes praying. This's from the Jerrell Tornado 1997

23. Jesus is the turtle, slow and steady, but always winning the race.

The bottom of our turtle looks like Jesus. #checkmateatheists

24. Jesus is the moth: soaring high.

A large moth has patterns that a Georgetown woman says looks to her like the face of Jesus. Do you see it?

25. Jesus is the moth: a butterfly from the streets.

found this moth yesterday. Zoe said it looks like jesus, but im still saying thor.

26. Jesus is the moth. Follow him to the light.

"Jesus" Imperial Moth, Virginia. Natural Selection works "Misteriously" :)

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