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19 T-Shirts From Value Village That Totally Read Your Mind

"I still live at home."

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1. When your friend is telling you a ghost story:

@MGarmatz / Via Twitter: @MGarmatz

2. When you sincerely believed middle school was hard:

@AnnieKbaum / Via Twitter: @AnnieKbaum

3. When the interviewer asks you: What made you interested in our company?

@Disastromatic / Via Twitter: @Disastromatic

4. And when they ask you: Where do you see yourself in five years?

@taylorxharwood / Via Twitter: @taylorxharwood

5. When you warned your friend about that guy and they didn't listen:

@drakemccheyne / Via Twitter: @drakemccheyne

6. When you finally get your paycheck:

@HarrisonBevens / Via Twitter: @HarrisonBevens

7. When you spot a cute guy reading on the subway:

@boyrepEllar / Via Twitter: @boyrepEllar

8. When you're single AF but polite AF:

@SteveOnSens / Via Twitter: @SteveOnSens

9. When someone asks you to describe yourself in one word:

@willw / Via Twitter: @willw

10. And when they ask you to describe yourself in two words:

@meadmoons / Via Twitter: @meadmoons

11. When you have to make small talk on a first date:

@AllieFalle / Via Twitter: @AllieFalle

12. When your phone dings after a night out:

@AlexTownsend7 / Via Twitter: @AlexTownsend7

13. How you act when you tweet:

@noflowstaven / Via Twitter: @noflowstaven

14. And how you act when your mom calls to check in on you:

@peterdancegirl / Via Twitter: @peterdancegirl

15. When all your friends are getting accepted to university and you're just over here like:

2kerrycondit / Via Twitter: @kerrycondit

16. When you're with your clique:

@amberrosefu / Via Twitter: @amberrosefu

17. When you glance at your Netflix history:

@Andy_Ramz / Via Twitter: @Andy_Ramz

18. When you google:

@AlexManjarrez6 / Via Twitter: @AlexManjarrez6

19. And finally, when Chrissy thinks she's hot shit because she got 300 reblogs on a text post:

@saskboy / Via Twitter: @saskboy