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Why "Popular Mechanics For Kids" Was The Only Education You Ever Needed

"I'm Elisha OK, I co-host PMK!"

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Popular Mechanics For Kids AKA PMK was seriously one of the best shows since the dawn of time.

PBS Kids

And it taught you way more than school ever did.

PBS Kids

Sorry, Mrs. Blake!

You're lying to yourself if you say that you never dreamed of joining Elisha, Jay, Tyler, or Vanessa on one of their adventures.

1. First of all, they got to hang out with cool scientists all day and learn about video games, submarines, and volcanoes.

2. Like seriously, they got to test N64 games.

Today's lesson: Diddy Kong Racing

3. And invent their own ice cream flavours!

PBS Kids

Ohmagah. Are you kidding me?

4. Don't forget about the episode where they were encouraged to set toys on fire.

Without a doubt, one of the most ~educational~ episodes of that season.

5. They also had their own tie-dye lab coats.

PBS Kids

Which you listed at #3 on your Christmas list.

6. The show made you beg your parents to take you to the hardware store to buy materials to conduct your own experiments at home.

"Mom! I need stuff to build an electrical obstacle course!"

7. Also you definitely wanted Jay and Elisha to date.

PBS Kids

I mean, Jay was clearly crushin' on her.

8. And you got really defensive when Tyler joined the cast.

PBS Kids

9. And Charlie was the mad scientist of your dreams.

Sidenote: Did we all just casually ignore how he was like 15 years older than everyone else?

But let's get back to the life lessons this show taught all of us, shall we?

10. Like stuff about rollercoasters!

By stuff, we mean some ~fundamental principles of physics~

11. Robots!

12. Marine life!

PBS Kids

13. And just about everything else!

PBS Kids

Thanks PMK for making learning cool.

PBS Kids

And giving our parents nightmares of us accidentally burning down the house.