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If You’ve Done 33/50 Of These Things, Then You’re A Real Lazy Girl

*throws pillow at light switch*

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  1. Sat on your bed wrapped in a towel for an eternity.
    Tossed all your ~potential~ outfits onto the ground.
    Then ended up wearing basically the same thing you wore the day before.
    Set five alarms to get you up in the morning, only to lie there for another 20 minutes.
    Watched Netflix or YouTube by balancing your laptop on your boobs.
    Brought a pair of sweatpants to change into when you get to your friend’s house.
    Needed to pee for a solid 30 minutes before finally getting out of bed.
    Unbuttoned the fewest buttons possible to squeeze your head through a shirt.
    Did your makeup by only using one product.
    ...and it’s probably eyeliner.
    Only put on mascara for really fancy occasions.
    Mastered the art of taking off your underwear by kicking it up…
    …and catching it with your other hand.
    Wore a baggy hoodie or sweater to hide the fact that you weren't wearing a bra in public.
    Wore a hat or beanie instead of actually washing your hair.
    Gave up on blow-drying your hair about three years ago.
    Couldn’t find your headphones so you just balanced your phone on the side of your face.
    Didn’t buy a pair of jeans because they had too many buttons or zippers.
    Didn’t buy a pair of shoes because they required you to bend over to put them on.
    Before getting settled in bed, made sure everything you needed was within arm’s reach.
    And strategically placed your bed beside the windowsill so you could keep everything on it.
    “Cleaned” your room by piling clothes up on THAT CHAIR in your room.
    Kicked off your shoes instead of untying them.
    Wore leggings instead of shaving your legs.
    Or only shaved the parts that would be visible with your outfit that day.
    Waited until the last second to put on a bra before heading out the door.
    Texted someone in the same house or room as you instead of getting up to talk to them.
    Felt a real sense of accomplishment for wearing matching socks.
    Your idea of accessorizing is wearing the same piece of jewelry every day.
    Wore the same outfit twice because no one saw you the first time.
    Lurked your favorite fitness Instagram accounts while wrapped in a blanket on your couch.
    Took off your bra without taking off your shirt first.
    Can't remember the last time you washed your jeans.
    Decided that your chipped nail polish was a fashion statement.
    And that your smudged mascara was really just a smoky eye.
    Kept underwear that had holes in it because they were just too comfy to throw away.
    Looked up “lazy girl beauty hacks” online but were too lazy to actually try any of them.
    Asked someone in another room to come in just to pass you something.
    Only went shopping because you needed to buy one specific item.
    Because shopping for leisure makes absolutely no sense to you.
    Destroyed a pillowcase by sleeping in your makeup.
    Gradually transferred everything from your kitchen to your bedroom over the weekend.
    Hauled way too much stuff up the stairs because making two trips is not an option.
    Used cramps as an excuse to cancel plans.
    Used greasy hair as an excuse to cancel plans.
    Used not having any clean clothes as an excuse to cancel plans.
    Picked up something off the ground only using your feet or toes.
    Attempted to turn off a light switch by throwing a pillow at it.
    And missed, so you just slept with the lights on.
    And finally, told yourself that you’re not lazy, you’re efficient.

If You’ve Done 33/50 Of These Things, Then You’re A Real Lazy Girl

Well, this is a turn of events! You’re not really as lazy as you might have thought. Sure, you hate bras just as much as the next girl, but you're not a total sloth. That doesn't mean you don't love a good catnap once in a while!

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You're pretty damn lazy! And that's something to be celebrated. It takes a lot of hard work to avoid doing...actual work. You're all about that horizontal, burrito lifestyle, and there's nothing stopping you!

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Congrats! You're a lazy girl through and through. This level of laziness is seriously impressive. Honestly, it takes a lot of work to be this lazy! Go reward yourself with a movie marathon, a bag of cookies, and your fave pair of sweatpants. You deserve it!

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