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48 Things That Would’ve Been Different If "The O.C." Were Set In Canada

Summer's name would be "Winter."

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1. Ryan would wear a tank top only four months out of the year.

2. No one would own convertibles.

3. Ryan would get in trouble with the law by not having a work visa.

4. Kirsten would have a dependency on mulled wine and spiked cider.

5. The Cohens would live in a condo in Toronto and vacation at a ski cabin in Banff.

6. Ryan would stay in the storage shed instead of a pool house.

7. Actually, Ryan would stay in their house because they have a mansion with 14

bedrooms anyway and it's expensive and dumb to heat a storage shed.


8. They would eat Montreal bagels every day for breakfast.

9. And sip on double doubles instead of orange juice.

10. People would have actually gone to Seth's bar mitzvah.

11. Sandy would be exactly the same.

12. Ryan would first spot Marissa waiting for the streetcar.

13. Marissa would have overdosed in Gatineau, QC.

14. Johnny would be from B.C. and be a pro snowboarder AND surfer.

15. Marissa would have a toque addiction.

16. Summer's name would be Winter.

17. Luke's discovery of his dad's homosexuality wouldn't be as big of a deal (although the whole infidelity thing might have been).

18. Instead of puka shell necklaces, everyone would wear circle scarves.

19. Luke would be the captain of the lacrosse team instead of the water polo team.

20. Seth would have a snowmobile named after Summer instead of a sailboat.

21. Luke would greet Ryan with "Welcome to Canada, bud."


22. They would spend their spring break in Cancun.

23. There would actually be snow at Christmas.

24. And they would have a real tree for Chrismukkah.

25. Approximately 80% of scenes would be shot indoors.

26. The neighbours would actually get along.

27. Seth would've been bullied by hockey players.

28. Rachel McAdams would play Alex.

29. They would all go to OVO instead of a Rooney concert.

30. Seth would declare his love for Summer by standing on a semi-dirty table at Tim Hortons.

31. Marissa and Summer would have have to wear winter jackets and boots to their "Winter Dance" instead of strappy heels and boho dresses.

32. Marissa would save Ryan by beating Trey to death with a snow shovel.

33. The soundtrack would have included Sum 41, Alanis Morissette, and Arcade Fire instead of Imogen Heap, Modest Mouse, and Death Cab.

34. Johnny would die from hitting a moose with his car instead of falling off a cliff.

35. Taylor would have run away to the Yukon instead of France.

36. Captain Oats would be a real horse.

37. Caleb would die from a heart attack caused by high cholesterol from eating too much poutine.

38. They all would drink a lot more beer.

39. They would all take French immersion and Taylor would get straight A's.

40. Summer would wear Roots sweatsuits instead of Juicy velour ones.

41. Oliver wouldn't have had a gun and neither would the hotel security.

42. Seth would've taken Anna to a BBQ instead of the debutante ball.

43. Instead of working a part-time job at the Crab Shack, Ryan would have become a cashier at Bulk Barn.

44. Summer would have been accepted to a graduate program at McGill University.

45. Kirsten and Julie would have gone to a Nordik spa instead of the country club.

46. They would not have worn flower necklaces at graduation.

47. Theresa would've taken VIA rail to come visit Ryan.

48. And lastly, Seth would have apologized profusely for starting that fire.


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