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How People Celebrate Canada Day, According To Stock Photos

Happy Canada Day!

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6. Put on a suit and daintily clutch a Canada flag, grimace as you remember how fleeting your tiny life is.

shipfactory / Via|One%20Person|65803|NumberOfPeople/f=CPIHV/p=10/s=DynamicRank

"Businessman holding a Canadian flag"


11. Answer your door to find your neighbour, Maureen, who never says "hello" back when you bump into each other on the sidewalk. She holds up a Canada Flag sticker, wordlessly. "Thanks Maureen," you say.

13. Take you-know-who out on a bike ride — "It's such a nice day," you tell them. You take them away from the hum of traffic, away from the city lights and watchful eyes. Soon even the birds have gone silent. You turn, flag in hand, pointy end concealed.

14. Hold your head high, your arms outstretched, the mighty flag fluttering behind you as the cleansing winds roar toward you. Destruction is their promise, salvation is your reward.

andresrimaging / Via|One%20Person|65803|NumberOfPeople/f=CPIHV/p=12/s=DynamicRank

"Proud Canadian man"