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15 Hilarious Vines That Canadians Couldn’t Stop Watching In 2015

Everything from bat flips to tater tot dogs.

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Here are some of the most hilarious Vines that had Canadians laughing over and over again in 2015:

1. The criminal canine:

2. The three types of people at a bar:

3. The small animal with a big scream:

4. The snowy shout-out:

5. The kid who couldn't keep it together:

6. The love yourself guy:

7. The tater tot thief:

8. The bowling mashup:

9. The big ouchie:

10. The little hello:

11. The majestic meme:

12. The unwanted gift:

13. The cheater:

14. The savage Jose Bautista bat flip:

15. And of course, Duck Army: