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    21 Gifts Teens Actually Want To Receive For The Holidays

    We asked and they answered!

    We asked teens of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they really want for the holidays this year — yeah, you're welcome, we did the hard work for you. Check out some of the things they're wishing for!

    1. A portable printer so they can print pictures they take on their phones out from wherever they bring this gadget.

    2. Leggings with pockets for a super comfy pair of pants they'll practically want to live in! Plus, they can use the pockets to store snacks... and that's super important.

    3. A Disney+ subscription so they can enjoy all of their favorite Disney classics, as well as some fun, new originals.

    4. A reusable water bottle that can keep drinks at their desired temperatures for a long time. Meanwhile, you'll be helping them do their part to make the Earth greener, and that's a beautiful thing.

    5. A giant package of stickers for decorating their laptops, water bottles, notebooks, phones, and whatever other items they want to personalize!

    6. A laptop of their own, like the Google Pixelbook Go, so they can finally stop hogging up the family computer to do homework, fill out university applications, and watch YouTube videos.

    7. A ticket to see their favourite artist in concert, or even a play or sporting event, because tangible gifts are cool, but the memories from going to a special event are unmatched.

    8. A portable speaker that'll allow them to play their favourite songs anywhere! Plus, it's waterproof, so it'll make for the perfect addition to trips to the pool or beach with their friends!

    9. A copy of The Sims 4 so they can immerse themselves in what's still probably the most fun game to ever exist. If they already own the base game, an expansion pack like University or Island Living are also great options!

    10. A mini projector they can connect to their phone so they can watch their favourite videos, shows, and movies right up on the wall — no television needed.

    11. A set of high-quality water colour brushes to get the creative teen in your life who can spend hours crafting, whether they're into it professionally, or just for fun!

    12. Apple AirPods or other wireless earbuds so they can listen to music on their phone WHILE being able to charge it at the same time. The struggle of the new iPhone headphone jack is still just as annoying years later, and I'm sure the teens can agree with me.

    13. A fun game like What Do You Meme? that'll provide entertainment and laughs for them and all of their friends. You may even find yourself borrowing their games to use with your friends, too. Why not?!

    14. A Nintendo Switch Lite that's designed for handheld play. You might complete the package by adding a couple games, like The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Pokémon Sword.

    15. A pair of classic Adidas sneakers for a functional, but trendy pair of shoes they're bound to get PLENTY of good use out of.

    16. A bestselling weighted blanket, that will stimulated the feeling of being held and encourages a deeper, more restful sleep.

    17. A set of bestselling cozy socks to get for the smart teen in your life who knows socks really do make a wonderful gift, especially as the weather outside gets colder.

    18. A sewing machine for those who have an interest in either making clothes or fixing them up. This is something the whole family can enjoy, because it'll be a lot easier to repair your beloved ripped shirt yourself than bring it somewhere to get done.

    19. A set of LED light strips that will give their bedroom a relaxing glow. They're super easy to install, don't heat up, and they can customize their entire room with over 15 different colours and effects.

    20. A camera, like this Fujifilm Instax Mini or a Canon Rebel, that will allow them to take beautiful photos, whenever they go.

    21. And of course, when all else fails, money or a gift card to a store like Amazon, so they can pick out their own gifts. After all, they are teenagers, and no offense to them, but they can be a tad difficult to shop for!

    The teens have spoken!

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