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Hey Teens, What Gifts Do You Actually Want For The Holidays?

We need to know.

AHHH the holiday season is upon us, friends. First Turkey Day and then national-fight-with-strangers-in-a-store-over-material-items day, and then the szn of giving the gifts we fought so hard to buy!! BUT I LOVE IT!!!!

And while shopping for and giving gifts is really fun and rewarding, I have to be honest, you teens are a difficult group to shop for. But, I get it. I was a teenager not that long ago (no really, I'm serious).

Maybe you want a Hydro Flask — they're pricey water bottles so they're the type of thing you may not want to spend your own money on, but make for a perfect addition to your wish list. Plus, they're good for more than just the ~VSCO-aesthetic.~ They keep hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours!

Perhaps you're just dying to see your favorite musician in concert next year, and would love to score some tickets to see them!

Or you really want a Disney+ subscription, but don't feel like paying for it yourself (MOOD). There really is no better way to spend the rest of your life than curled up in your bed watching endless re-runs of your favorite Disney Channel shows and movies.

So, teens — or adults who rock at buying killer gifts for teens — we want to know what exactly it is the teens want for the holidays this year. Tell us in the comments below for the chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post! Oh, and PS, we know you want money, tell us TANGIBLE objects, please!!!