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    36 Of The Best Gifts Under $100 To Give In 2019

    A toque with built-in headphones, a BB-8 mug, a mini-donut maker, and other amazing treats for people at the top of your ~nice~ list.

    1. An Instant Pot, because once you've experienced the delight of using it, you've just gotta spread the joy.

    2. A Revlon hot air brush — it'll basically be like gifting them with 365 days of good hair.

    3. A pair of cozy slippers (lined with moisture-wicking microfleece) to keep their their toes warm on the coldest of winter days. These have a multi-layer memory-foam footbed that'll feel like stepping on little clouds.

    4. An attractive cat tower ~purrrfect~ for entertaining your furry friend (who, despite clawing your couch to shreds, still deserves a treat). Plus, it folds away for storage.

    5. A Waterpik water flosser so they can take their oral hygiene to new heights. I know so many people with this on their wish list — practical gifts are underrated!

    6. An Oral-B Pro electric toothbrush that'll do an extra-good job of removing plaque and food from their teeth.

    7. A ceramic octopus teapot that'll make any cephalopod fan squeal for joy (and brew up a nice batch of tea).

    8. And an adorable BB-8 mug that they'll be sipping out of ALL. THE. TIME.

    9. An ~aesthetically pleasing~ teak Squatty Potty with all the same benefits as the regular one, but it'll actually add to the style of a bathroom.

    10. A powerful battery pack that can charge two devices at once (including tablets) for anyone who carries three or more electronic gadgets on them at all times.

    11. A Contigo auto-seal travel mug that'll keep all their coffee piping hot, and won't spill a drop in their purse or gym bag.

    12. A classic leather tote bag for the most stylish way to carry their entire life around.

    13. A glass decanter with a stainless steel aerator to make basically any wine taste special. It truly is the gift that keeps giving — in the form of great-tasting wine.

    14. An AncestryDNA testing kit so they can learn more about their ancestry and perhaps discover a missing piece of the family puzzle.

    15. A warm and shaggy throw blanket — a universally appreciated gift the whole family will approve of (including pets). This one is big enough for a couple to share so they won't fight over who gets to snuggle in it.

    16. A double-ended marker set (with 160 colours!!!) that'll make any artist cry tears of joy. They're also great for journaling.

    17. A miniature screaming goat that'll become their very best — and very loudest — desktop companion.

    18. A pretty yoga mat to get them pumped for exercising in the new year. 2020 will be the year they finally strengthen their core.

    19. A sous vide precision cooker so their steaks will always be cooked to absolute perfection. And it even comes with a recipe book to help them out.

    20. A pair of true wireless headphones that honestly have it all — crisp sound for music and calls, soft silicone ear tips (that won't fall out they're running), and a sleek design.

    21. A cotton jersey pajama set so they can lounge around the house in comfort and style.

    22. An Echo Dot so they'll have their very own little helper named Alexa who can control smart home devices, read the news, set alarms, answer questions, and more.

    23. A beautiful book-shaped lamp that unfolds into pages, giving them a whole new meaning to the term "book lamp."

    24. An Instax 9 for people who prefer physical photos over digital ones.

    25. A cushy yet supportive travel pillow that'll be the closest thing to upgrading to first class without actually doing so.

    26. An elaborate beard-grooming kit that'll ensure their facial hair stays neat, clean, and as gorgeous as they are.

    27. A bamboo cheese board that also serves as a charcuterie board and comes with a four-piece of serving cutlery, so their next dinner party will truly be one to remember.

    28. A kombucha brewing kit, so they can brew the perfect batch for themselves, right at home.

    29. A six-piece kitchen knife set that have gorgeous landscapes printed on them, so they can be a master chef and and artist at the same time.

    30. A geometric mirror that'll elevate the aesthetic of any room in their home.

    31. An electric mini-donut maker, so that all their baking endeavours will truly be a ~hole in one~.

    32. An aromatherapy essential oil diffuser that'll release gentle, calming aromas into the air and help relieve stress and anxiety.

    33. A stylish laptop backpack with anti-theft technology, so they can carry all their important tech and documents without worry about someone stealing it on the go. It's even got a charging port for their phone!

    34. A super-warm toque with built-in Bluetooth headphones, so they won't freeze during the winter months but can still listen to their tunes (and won't have to worry about their hat muffling the music).

    35. A small, sleek, portable Bluetooth speaker that'll play up to five hours of their music on a single charge — and look good doing it, too.

    36. A set of nesting mixing bowls and measuring cups that'll save a ton of space in the kitchen while still remaining very, very useful. It even includes a sieve!

    Happy gift giving!

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