This AI Emoji Generator Will Let You Design Your Own Custom Emojis, And It’s So Freaking Cool

    OK, but who's messaging Tim Cook about the "burrito blankie" emoji?

    Welcome to the Emoji Generator, the new AI-powered engine from BuzzFeed where you get to make your own custom emoji for a chance to win $100!*

    Computer screen displaying emoji search with various emojis and text 'Make Your Own Emoji'

    Using the generator is easy peasy. You simply have to write a quick description, like "cute axolotl," and voilà!

    Illustration of an adorable, cartoon-style axolotl with a friendly expression

    You'll even get to name your emoji and caption it! Here are a couple of my personal favorite submissions so far. Like, this "dumpster fire" absolutely sums up my February...

    Green dumpster with burning contents, featuring a flammable hazard sign

    And this "burrito blankie" is honestly me when I crawl into bed and watch TikToks until 2 a.m.

    Smiling emoji wrapped in a swaddling cloth resembling a baby

    Or maybe you're desperately wanting some representation for your favorite foods, like this "Korean BBQ." Whatever your idea is, we want to see it!

    Grilled food model in a pan beside chopsticks and plates of veggies, mimicking a cooking scene

    What's that I hear? You have a perfectly weird idea for an emoji that needs to exist ASAP? Create yours now and share your best creations in the comments of the contest post. We'll announce the winner on March 8, 2024.

    Emoji selection screen displayed with a variety of expressions, highlighted "Make Your Own Emoji" feature