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A Food Blogger Has Gone Viral For Saying "It's Called Dinner, Not Supper" And I Want To Know If You Agree Or Not

Over 40,000 comments and we still can't come to an agreement.

At BuzzFeed, we're always try to get to the bottom of the most serious, pressing issues of today. Sure, there's that thing called climate change, the ever-changing political climate, new and terrifying sea creatures being discovered, and the list goes on. But today, we'll be discussing "supper" vs. "dinner."

A woman in front of a computer with words "supper?" and "dinner?" above her head

Local Arkansas food blogger Kevin Shalin accidentally began the heated debate on the Facebook page for his blog called The Mighty Rib. It was this singular Facebook post that sent the comment section into a complete and utter frenzy.

Kevin also said "Why are people protesting outside my house?"

The post now has over 40,000 comments, and we still can't come to an agreement:

arrow pointing to 41K comments

It looked like the majority of commenters agreed that the meal you eat in the middle of the day was called "lunch" and meal you eat in the evening is called "dinner."

"For me, breakfast, lunch & dinner"

But then things took a turn. The comments were suddenly filled with people arguing that the meal in the middle of the day was actually, in fact, called "dinner" and the evening meal was and always should be called "supper." Excuse me?!

"Dinner was lunch. Supper was the night time meal"

A lot of commenters who said they grew up on farms and in the country swore that the meals of the day went like this: breakfast, dinner, and supper.

"We country folk call it supper. Breakfast, Dinner, Supper"

And they had a pretty decent explanation why:

"Dinner was at noon when I was growing up on the farm. Since farmers start their day at dawn, they need a hearty meal mid-day"

And of course, someone had to throw in this argument:

"Jesus and his disciples did not eat the 'last dinner — I rest my case!"

As a Canadian, I call it "breakfast, lunch, and dinner," but was surprised to hear from my American colleagues:

One colleague said "supper is for sundays. dinner is every other day" and "that is my southern standing"

Then came in the Canadian and Midwesterner:

"oh yeah no one in the midwest has said supper in their life (edit: great lakes region midwest"

Some of us had pretty strong (and specific) opinions:

Delaney said "supper is 4-6pm meal on Sundays. Dinner is a meal after 6pm on every other day" Taylor replied "ooh yes, Delaney. I always think, like Sunday supper after church"

So in a last-ditch effort to get to the bottom of all this, I checked out the definition on Merriam-Webster:

Supper is used especially when the meal is an informal one eaten at home while dinner tends to be the term chosen when the meal is more formal

Now it's time for you to have your say...

Thank you for your participation, and I look forward to reading your comments below. Now I'm off. Time for dinner! 😉