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I Am Genuinely Curious If You Think These 35 Celebrities Deserve Their Own Biopics Or Not

Let's see how "normal" your biopic opinions are.

It seems like A TON of celebrities, both alive and dead, are getting their very own biopics lately. It was announced that Julia Garner will be playing Madonna, and people have some strong opinions about Austin Butler's depiction of Elvis.

And when it was revealed that Millie Bobby Brown has agreed to play Halsey in, well, a Halsey biopic, there was quite a bit of backlash:

@halsey What’s so interesting about her life that she deserves a biopic? I thought those were only for legends like Aretha, Elvis and Ray Charles.

Twitter: @littlenightmaws / Via Twitter: @littlenightmaws

So now it's your turn to have a say! Do you think these celebrities deserve their own biopics? We're not talking about documentaries here, but full-on biopics. Answer below!