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31 Of The Coolest And Coziest Coffee Shops Across Canada

Pack your bags. It's time for a highly-caffeinated road trip.

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about Canada’s best independent coffee shops from coast to coast. Here are some of their favourite spots to get their caffeine fix:

Sarah Aspler / BuzzFeed Canada

1. Third Space Coffee in Kelowna, British Columbia

Instagram: @rhianharink

"It's such a cool atmosphere and their coffee tastes nothing else you’ve tried before! It's a perfect place to grab a bite and do work. They have great tables for laptops and a chill vibe. I think the fact that’s it’s not really well known and not super busy makes it just that much more adorable!


2. Little Sister Coffee Maker in Winnipeg, Manitoba

"The interior is adorable, with the main focus colour being mint green. Plus the coffee is excellent!"


3. The Vault Cafe in Nanaimo, British Columbia

Instagram: @kate

"I love the uniqueness of the entire place – from the mismatched furniture, to the different books scattering the walls. The cafe often has some local bands playing and open mic nights. It’s one of the friendliest places ever."


4. The Modern Bakeshop & Cafe in Revelstoke, British Columbia

Instagram: @clarabidstrup

"Their lavender foggy is incredible."


5. FIKA Cafe in Toronto, Ontario

"FIKA is the cutest, coziest little cafe in Kensington Market. The Scandinavian theme reminds me of travelling in Iceland and the cardamom-spiced coffee will make you wonder why you haven't been putting cardamom in your coffee your whole life. And make sure to check out the beautiful wall papered with books and the darling backyard."


6. Bumpy's Cafe in Calgary, Alberta

Instagram: @ladyorr

"The coffee is great and the beans are roasted in Vancouver. The barista asked me my name once and has remembered it ever since. They have homemade mac and cheese and new muffin flavours everyday. I especially enjoy the beet blueberry muffin, it's so pink and so pretty! I love their triple almond milk lattes and it's hard to start my day without one."

– Sarah Boyce, Facebook

7. Oldhand in Abbotsford, British Columbia

Instagram: @dorotsui

"The owners are amazing and speciality coffees are unlike anything I’ve had before. The atmosphere is so uplifting and it's the perfect place to hang out."


8. Death Valley's Little Brother in Waterloo, Ontario

"They have really good coffee and espresso-based drinks. They also have an extensive whiskey selection with some nice craft beers, and the atmosphere and decor is very nice with a rustic feel. A unique space in a student city!"

– Nish Lash, Facebook

9. Fools & Horses Coffee in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Instagram: @fhcoffeecompany

"The cafe is stunning and has plenty of seating. The espresso and tea beverages are top notch. They also serve beer and wine on tap and all their food is all locally sourced. The fig jam and brie toast is a favourite."


10. NovelTea Bookstore Cafe in Truro, Nova Scotia

"It's a great coffee shop because it’s not just a coffee shop, it’s also a book store. They have freshly-made food and drinks and showcase local art on the walls. You feel at home with their comfy couches and their friendly employees. They also they sell Butterbeer and frankly, I couldn’t think of anything else you would want out of a coffee shop."


11. Transcend Coffee in Edmonton, Alberta

"It is divine! They have the best lattes and london fogs I have ever had! They are also licensed and sell very interesting cocktails, usually seasonal. Their pastries are delicious and everyone there is so, so, so kind."

– Celeste Tikal, Facebook

12. Cafe Guido in Port Hardy, British Columbia

Instagram: @elsew

"The coffee is great and there's ample seating. Even though our town might be small, it always seems busy in there. The walls are lined with local art and there's a book shop in the basement! With the closest chain coffee shop 230 kilometres away in Campbell River, all of the independent cafes of the north island bring their A-game to keep us all caffeinated. Guido's is just my favourite place to grab something warm and get out of the rain."

– Kari Latka, Facebook

13. Arlington Five in Ottawa, Ontario

Instagram: @arlingtonfive

"It's a hidden gem that uses all locally-sourced goods. They nail everything from the coffee and homemade chai lattes to the baked goods. They have cozy decor that features local artists and once a month they open up at night for a cocktail and jazz night."

– Caroline Wallace, Facebook

14. Craft Heads Brewing Company in Windsor, Ontario

Instagram: @craftheadscoffee

"I get coffee from here everyday. It's a small-batch craft brewery, and they have amazing coffee. I think I have only had a beer there once, but I go almost everyday to grab a latte on my lunch."

– katiev89

15. Thom Bargen Coffee & Tea in Winnipeg, Manitoba

"It's in an awesome and friendly neighbourhood, with really friendly staff. The back of the shop features a local leatherwork and canvas shop that makes really cool handmade bags and backpacks. Plus, the cappuccinos are the best I've ever had."


16. My Dog Joe in Hamilton, Ontario

Instagram: @weldrach

"It has an awesome, hip environment with amazing staff and delicious coffee. Plus their desserts and soups to die for. It's a perfect study environment for McMaster students and great for live music and first dates!"


17. Coffee Bureau in Edmonton, Alberta

Instagram: @ashleysawatzky

"The owners Chris and Peter are so cute! The space is small but what they lack in size they make up in heart! They have the smoothest Americanos and the chocolate croissants are amazing!"


18. The Penny Coffee House in Lethbridge, Alberta

Instagram: @migohlifestyle

"Super nice staff, amazing coffee and food."


19. The Coffee Lab in Toronto, Ontario

Instagram: @huangannabanana

"It’s Toronto’s smallest cafe and the lattes are amazing! It’s also located in a tiny second-hand bookstore. The smell of old books and coffee works so well."


20. Drift Sidewalk Cafe & Vista Lounge in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

"Nothing goes better with their fantastic coffee than their out-of-this-world crepes."


21. La Maison Smith in Quebec City, Quebec

Instagram: @yannimisola

"Their coffee and macarons are amazing and I love their Italian sodas in the summer! It's also located in a quaint, pedestrian-only part of the city, so the surroundings are really beautiful and there's no traffic getting in the way. The best time to go is in the summer, because you can sit out on the little terrace and people-watch, or take in some of the street entertainment that's there sometimes!"

– Felicia-Marie Gauthier, Facebook

22. The Tall and Small Cafe in Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Instagram: @marissaprosper

"It has become the hub of the small university town but a must-stop for all ages. The atmosphere is very relaxed. The fresh food and coffee is the best and made on-site."

– Jen MacKinnon, Facebook

23. Democracy Coffee House in Hamilton, Ontario

Instagram: @katezrichuksmith

"The food and drinks are amazing. Very vegan/vegetarian friendly. It's located on the coolest street, full of novelty, art and antique shops. The best part: The walls of the shop are a giant chalkboard you can draw on."


24. Two If By Sea Cafe in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Instagram: @twoifbyseacafe

"Their croissants are out of this world."


25. Common Ground Coffeehouse (CoGro) in Kingston, Ontario

"The coffee shop is located on Queen's Campus. It's delicious, homey, and they have the best London Fog. So many Queen's students and Kingston residents likely have affectionate stories about CoGro."

– Emily Burns, Facebook

26. Elm Café in Edmonton, Alberta

Instagram: @elmcafe

"It's a tiny place. It has four seats at a bar and a seasonal patio, but has amazing coffee and the BEST sandwiches you will ever have."


27. Black Walnut Bakery Cafe in London, Ontario

Instagram: @black_walnut_bakery_cafe

"The best people, coffee, and cruffins. My Jamaican friend admitted they make better patties than her mom! But don’t tell her mom that."


28. Bean Tree Cafe in Kimberley, British Columbia

Instagram: @healthandswellness

"Healthy and tasteful coffee, drinks, and food in a cozy and rustic ambience. It's the perfect to study, talk business, or chat with close friends."


29. Bridgehead Coffee in Ottawa, Ontario

Instagram: @touranjo

"Fair trade, delicious drinks, and the best peanut butter cookies ever."


30. Roasterie in Calgary, Alberta

Instagram: @cjiahong

"They roast their beans right there and you can see and smell the roasting smoke all over the neighbourhood. They also have hand-drawn Salvador Dali chalk art behind the counter. The best."


31. Brewed Awakening in Corner Brook, Newfoundland

Instagram: @brewednl

"Amazing coffee, specialty drinks, and good eats."


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