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35 Charming Canadian Bookstores You Need To Visit

Where will you find your next page-turner?

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community for their favourite bookstores in Canada. Here are the wonderful results.

"Wandering their vast aisles of endless titles is like a religious experience for book lovers. Watching someone walk in for the first time is so funny, usually an audible gasp and a rub of the eyes. New and notable, rare and antiquarian, old favourites, obscure titles, that random novel you've looked for forever - it's all there. And more." – Anna5c0tt

"I've been going here for 38 years. Amazing staff and service, all in an elegant atmosphere. Jim Munro, the former owner (related to Alice Munro), gifted the store to many of his long time staff. Excellent discount section in the middle. Whenever I need a 15 minute serenity break, I wander through, and ultimately always buy something to read." – katev2

"Wonderful local finds, funky paint job, amazing cafe that hosts awesome events and excellent knowledgable staff that is really the cherry on top. It's everything you would hope to find in an independent bookstore and having it located in Northern BC makes it even more special!" – krystinstj

"Although I haven't lived in Saskatoon for 6 years now, I still miss McNally Robinson very fiercely. A lovely, big bookstore with an awesome selection, including local books and signed copies. Add a fantastic restaurant and lots of nooks to sit and read, and it was wonderful." – ifbysea

“When you walk in, you are instantly wrapped in the wonderful smell of old books and then you can get lost in the shelves and shelves of amazing deals on books. I could have moved in and lived there, it was so incredible. It is worth checking out.” – sarahtree23

"It is just piles, upon piles of books. Every type of book you could imagine, and a few magazines and records tucked in there too (the dirty magazine section actually has a hilarious sign about limiting the amount of time one spends in that area to 20 minutes). Anyhow, there are some hidden gems on every shelf of that place." – Katie Victoria via Facebook

"They have tons of old and new books that you can buy, or get for free when you bring in another book to exchange! There are also old typewriters you can use when you're feeling in a writing mood, and a barista at your service for drinks and snacks!" – keiramaiak

"It has been our city's only independent bookstore for over 42 years and is a hotbed of culture and activity year round. They support local and Canadian authors, always have in the best new books, have a great LGBTQ+ section, and super supportive owners. It's also a plus that it's not *just* an independent bookstore but also an indie cinema and bar and bistro!" – heatjarvis

"The three stories are full of nooks and crannies, lots of different areas of explore, couches to read on and piles of books everywhere. They also have an awesome buy back program that lets you earn money toward more books." – alissao4a9416a78

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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