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35 Charming Canadian Bookstores You Need To Visit

Where will you find your next page-turner?

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community for their favourite bookstores in Canada. Here are the wonderful results.


"Wandering their vast aisles of endless titles is like a religious experience for book lovers. Watching someone walk in for the first time is so funny, usually an audible gasp and a rub of the eyes. New and notable, rare and antiquarian, old favourites, obscure titles, that random novel you've looked for forever - it's all there. And more." – Anna5c0tt

"I've been going here for 38 years. Amazing staff and service, all in an elegant atmosphere. Jim Munro, the former owner (related to Alice Munro), gifted the store to many of his long time staff. Excellent discount section in the middle. Whenever I need a 15 minute serenity break, I wander through, and ultimately always buy something to read." – katev2


"Tiny little used bookstore with books stacked up to the rafters." – sarahw69

"Wonderful local finds, funky paint job, amazing cafe that hosts awesome events and excellent knowledgable staff that is really the cherry on top. It's everything you would hope to find in an independent bookstore and having it located in Northern BC makes it even more special!" – krystinstj

"It's this adorable little bookshop that has an amazing coffee shop in it. It's also right beside a beautiful river." – onecayla


"It's literally stacked to the ceiling with hundreds if not thousands of books. Every time you pay they give you a token to donate to various different charities. They have a cat that lives there too!" – eilidhmackenzie2

"Awesome used books, CDs, vinyl, and some rare old finds too!" – lovelylaika


"Wetaskiwin is a small town southeast of Edmonton. Blurbs offers a selection of book choices and genres but what makes it my favourite is that they also provide things for the body, mind and soul." – siennad3

"A bookstore that contributes to the literary scene and sells amazing books!" – meghanm4487851a1

"Small indie book store, new and used, tons of atmosphere. It's in an old library. Loose tea and goodies, journals and candles. You gotta love it." – Nancy Bell via Facebook


"Although I haven't lived in Saskatoon for 6 years now, I still miss McNally Robinson very fiercely. A lovely, big bookstore with an awesome selection, including local books and signed copies. Add a fantastic restaurant and lots of nooks to sit and read, and it was wonderful." – ifbysea

“When you walk in, you are instantly wrapped in the wonderful smell of old books and then you can get lost in the shelves and shelves of amazing deals on books. I could have moved in and lived there, it was so incredible. It is worth checking out.” – sarahtree23

"It is just piles, upon piles of books. Every type of book you could imagine, and a few magazines and records tucked in there too (the dirty magazine section actually has a hilarious sign about limiting the amount of time one spends in that area to 20 minutes). Anyhow, there are some hidden gems on every shelf of that place." – Katie Victoria via Facebook

"They have tons of old and new books that you can buy, or get for free when you bring in another book to exchange! There are also old typewriters you can use when you're feeling in a writing mood, and a barista at your service for drinks and snacks!" – keiramaiak

"The aisles are just stacks of books. Amazing selection of new and old books for the new reader all the way to collector. Books you'll never find anywhere else, I could spend hours there!" – slothitup

"It has been our city's only independent bookstore for over 42 years and is a hotbed of culture and activity year round. They support local and Canadian authors, always have in the best new books, have a great LGBTQ+ section, and super supportive owners. It's also a plus that it's not *just* an independent bookstore but also an indie cinema and bar and bistro!" – heatjarvis

"It's a children's bookstore that is so much fun to walk around in and has so much selection and whimsy, it's an adventure while looking for your next literary treasure." – amandar78

"It boasts a phenomenal fantasy and sci-fi section, as well as loads of graphic novels." – sockling

"It's the oldest surviving queer bookstore in North America, and is amazing place to find one of kind books for members of the community and allies alike." – mercederu

"It's absolutely wonderful. They sell all of the best classics and they have custom covers with quotes from the book written on them." – ellar4274957b1

"It's a house that has books in every room on every floor. I think it's cute because there are cooking books in the oven. The books are lovely and well priced." – lia23

"Great book sellers and a long history as a staple in the community. Not to be missed." – Nicole Duquette via Facebook

"Growing up this store taught me how to recognize excellence—in picture books especially. Spot-on selection every time." – Erin W. via Facebook

"Sarnia's indie bookstore has been around for over 30 years!" – Julie Hillier-Vrolyk via Facebook

"Adorable with the best selection of graphic novels and generally a great mix of books, all displayed beautifully." – Laura Bere Uçak via Facebook

"They're a locally owned business that I've been spending far too much time in since I could read." – cheekie

"The only used book store in the land of the midnight sun! You never know what you will find. Love this place!" – ciaramorningskys

"The three stories are full of nooks and crannies, lots of different areas of explore, couches to read on and piles of books everywhere. They also have an awesome buy back program that lets you earn money toward more books." – alissao4a9416a78

"Westminster is a lot smaller than Owl's Nest but they carry a wide selection and a lot of stuff I could never find at Chapters/Indigo." – ceciliagracea

"What's not in stock, they track it down for you. Friendly, knowledgeable and great displays." – Jolene Jarvis via Facebook

"It's pretty much the best bookstore I've ever been in. It's stacked with books up to the ceiling, and has the cutest store dog named Jerry." – nikip471ba8331

"Amazing little spot: great selection on hand; fantastic special orders work; great staff." – Matt Robinson via Facebook

"This store has been a huge success in our little town. Great food, coffee and most importantly… books!" –kaylab441b30892

"It's Canada's oldest children's bookstore and is full of great books and toys for kids of all ages." – Laura Irvin via Facebook

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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