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For Anyone Who Wants A Hudson’s Bay Blanket But Can't Afford It

*contemplates selling organs*

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But there's just something about it – a little je ne sais quoi factor – that makes you crave one.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: danielle_scott

Maybe your grandparents had a vintage one or maybe it's just an inner calling that draws you to it.

You see the blanket and immediately ​dream of posting Instagrams of ​yourself​ looking out at a foggy mountain top, or snuggling with a dog in a rustic canoe.

Because it screams "I'm luxurious but outdoorsy."

And when you spot the real deal on TV, you become conflicted. You're both proud to see Canada represented but you also feel like it's taunting you.


Even this teeny hipster barbie enrages you.

Yes, it's a miniture fake one but STILL.