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This Hipster Barbie Account Perfectly Mocks Every Annoying Person On Instagram

Barbie is more #blessed than you — and she knows it.

You know that one friend on Instagram who is always making you feel kind of bad that you just sat home and watched Netflix all weekend? Well, even they are no match for Hipster Barbie.

Darby Cisneros

Hipster Barbie, also known as Socality Barbie, is taking Instagram by storm thanks to her super #deep travel shots...

Darby Cisneros

Her impeccable taste in the latest in hipster fashion...

Darby Cisneros

And her #inspiring messages. "Be Real. Be Unique. Be Authentic. Be Humble."

Darby Cisneros

Above all, Barbie wants you to live your most #authentic life.

Darby Cisneros

She's so ~real~ and #blessed!

Darby Cisneros

The hilarious Instagram is a not-so-subtle dig at travel bloggers who love to preach about living an "authentic" life through staged, outdoorsy glamour shots.

The mastermind behind the account is an Oregon wedding photographer who told BuzzFeed News she wants to remain anonymous.

Darby Cisneros

She said that she decided to start the account to show how "ridiculous social media has become."

"I was getting tired of seeing people taking the same pictures, in the same places, and using the same captions all while hashtagging '#LiveAuthentic,'" she said.

She said that her biggest Instagram pet peeve is when people do absurd things just to get a "creative" Instagram picture.

Darby Cisneros

"I've sat in coffee shops and watched people set their coffee on the floor while they stand on a chair just to make their morning cup of coffee appear more interesting than it really is," she said.

The creator said that the attention the account has received has been "unreal."

"I had no idea this many people would find the account funny. I'm glad so many people can laugh about it," she said.

Stay #blessed, Barbie.

Darby Cisneros

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