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18 Unique Side Effects Of Being An American In Canada

Side effects may include itching, dry mouth, and a LOWER DRINKING AGE.

1. Whenever you mention a Canadian celebrity, everyone informs you that person is Canadian.

2. You never learned the words to "O Canada" and have to lip-synch for your life when you go to hockey games.

Plus, "The Star-Spangled Banner" is crazy difficult to sing.

3. Whenever America does something stupid, you get blamed for it.

4. You get the opportunity to both witness and participate in Canadian stereotypes.

5. You have nothing to share when your friends talk about their amazing trips to Cuba.

6. None of your friends understand the unique pain of taking the SATs or ACTs.

7. When you come home to visit your fellow Americans, they make fun of you for picking up a slight Canadian accent.

8. You don't understand all the rules to hockey so you just go along with whatever the crowd is doing.

9. The lower drinking age in Canada is incredible and makes your stay worthwhile...

10. But the price of alcohol is absurd.

11. You get to celebrate Thanksgiving earlier than your American friends and family.

12. You always get called out for saying "college" instead of "university."

13. And for accidentally saying "states" instead of "provinces."

14. You still give directions in miles and people look at you super confused.

But you're actually the weird one.

15. You come to learn that Canadians don't say "eh?" as much as you thought.

16. But everything you've heard about the Canadian cold is ABSOLUTELY TRUE.

And you had to spend a paycheck (or "paycheque" as you've come to spell it) on a coat.

17. You slowly come to realize that Canada is actually much more badass than you expected.

Just not in the ways you would've thought.

18. And how awesome the people who live here are.

Welcome to your new home and native land.