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    This Grandmother Had The Cutest Reaction To Her Granddaughter's Distressed Jeans

    Grandma knows best.

    If you went to high school at any point between the ’80s and now, you know alllll about distressed jeans:

    Enter Shizu, a grandmother in Japan who thought her granddaughter's fashion choices looked a lil' chilly to her.

    Later, her granddaughter, Tomomi, came home to find that her jeans had gotten a slight upgrade...

    Her grandmother had added a patch of fabric underneath the "rip" in her jeans, and mended the frayed thread.

    Tomomi posted a photo of her grandmother and the jeans to Twitter, where it got retweeted more than 70,000 times.

    All over Japan, people were touched by this undeniably adorable act of love.

    They also wondered if maybe Grandma Shizu was starting a new trend...

    ...and encouraged Tomomi to save them forever.

    After seeing the reactions, Tomomi said that her grandmother was very happy and a little embarrassed.

    This post was translated from Japanese.