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We Need To Know What Foreign Musical Artists We Should Listen To

Because good music knows no borders.

We all love American artists, whether it's the pop perfection of Katy Perry...

...or the summertime sadness of Lana Del Rey.

But if you're just paying attention to American artists, well, Colombia bombshell Shakira and Barbados' baddest bitch Rihanna are #JudgingYou.

We want to know your favorite foreign acts, whether it's the Swedish synths of Robyn...

...or the K-Pop sass of f(x)!

That's where you come in. Leave your suggestions for your FAVORITE foreign musicians and artists in the comments below, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed post.

No act is too big or small, and we want to hear about artists from ALL genres, like Welsh pop starlet Marina and the Diamonds.

And we'll end things with a GIF of Scottish DJ Calvin Harris, for good measure: