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    Jan 12, 2018

    OMG, The "I, Tonya" Cast Looks Just Like Their Real-Life Counterparts

    This is some Olympic-level casting.

    OK, if you haven't seen I, Tonya, SKATE as fast as possible to the nearest theater to see the movie. It's iconic! What are you waiting for?!


    For those of you who HAVE seen the movie, then you know the cast is worthy of a gold medal. But how close are they to their real-life counterparts? Let's give it a look...

    Margot Robbie (Tonya Harding)

    Neon, Bob Martin / Getty Images

    Who she is: Robbie has slipped into the titular as the turbulent but talented American figure skater. Robbie has already been nominated for a Golden Globe for the role (losing out to Saoirse Ronan) and could be gunning for Oscar gold. Call me a Robber! (That's what I'm naming Margot Robbie stans.)

    Allison Janney (LaVona Fay Golden)

    Neon, CBS

    Who she is: The talented Janney plays Harding's eccentric — and allegedly abusive — mother, LaVona, who pushed Harding to greatness on the ice. Janney has already collected a Golden Globe for the role. The gay civil war will be fought over whether Janney should win an Oscar...or Laurie Metcalf for Lady Bird.

    Caitlin Carver (Nancy Kerrigan)

    Neon, Chris Cole / Getty Images

    Who she is: Carver plays Kerrigan, Harding's good-girl rival on Team USA.

    Sebastian Stan (Jeff Gillooly)

    Neon, Eugene Garcia / AFP / Getty Images

    Who he is: Stan plays Harding's ex-husband...and one of the men who plots against Kerrigan. He definitely has the mustache down!

    Paul Walter Hauser (Shawn Eckhardt)


    Who he is: Hauser plays Gillooly's friend Eckhardt, who also served as Harding's "bodyguard" who helped plan the attack on Kerrigan. Trust me, Hauser nails Eckhardt's creepy half-asleep demeanor.

    Julianne Nicholson (Diane Rawlinson)

    Neon, Pool / AFP / Getty Images

    Who she is: Veteran actress Nicholson captures the prim-and-proper nature of Harding's straitlaced coach, Rawlinson, who only wants the best for her pupil.

    Um, I think they nailed it. What about you?


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