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26 Pictures Anyone Who's Celebrated Thanksgiving Will Recognize

Hello from the kid's table!

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1. When you've got to hustle to get the piece of turkey you want:

Universal Pictures / Via Twitter: @_CollegeHumor_

2. When that one uncle starts to talk about the 2016 election:


3. When your love life suddenly becomes the hot topic at the table:

Universal Pictures / Via Twitter: @shane_linderr

4. And when you have to fight back the urge of yelling in front of everyone:

Bravo / Via Twitter: @mustbetyrin

5. But also when your family thinks it’s a good idea to bring up everything else that they think is wrong with your life:

6. When people start judging you for having a second slice of pie:

Talk WW Productions / Via Twitter: @s00_kawaii

7. When suddenly your aunt wants to know about your grades:

Root Sports / Via Twitter: @_vape_dad

8. When you realize at dinner he might not actually be The One:

9. When you're still at the kid's table but you can hear all the adults talking about you:

Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @fitted_life

10. Or when you're flat-out just too big and old to be sitting at the kid's table:

11. When you don't want to pretend like the stuffing tastes like cardboard:

When you find out that majority of the thanksgiving dinner was made by somebody who can't cook

12. When you have to go to your in-laws for turkey day, and this happens:

13. When you're having a side conversation and then suddenly your whole family is paying attention:

14. When you roll your eyes at something one of your relatives starts going OFF:

15. When this is realistically the only way to survive dinner:

16. And when it gets so bad you wish you were playing a drinking game:

17. When you try to go for seconds and this travesty happens:

Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @jakeswny

18. When you're in college, and you're struggling to make it to the holidays alive:

19. And when you pretend like you give a damn right before Thanksgiving break:

Me trying to study when thanksgiving break is coming up

20. When this miracle happens at college:

21. When you go home for the holidays and run into people you were friends with in high school:

22. When you're allowed to have a glass of wine at the kid's table:

23. When it's that one year you have to work on a holiday:

When I have to work on Thanksgiving.

24. When dinner suddenly becomes a chance for your whole family to roast you:

Republic / Via Twitter: @ChampagneCrispy

25. When your stomach says yes but your head says no:

26. And finally, when every year dinner is late and you're stuck with a groaning stomach:

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