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    Posted on Nov 9, 2017

    Jennifer Aniston And Reese Witherspoon Are Going To Be In A TV Show And Fetch Me Some Smelling Salts Because I Just Fainted

    I'm gay gasping.

    As a gay man, I enjoy the simple things in life, like arguing that "Into You" by Ariana Grande should have gone #1 and causing life-threatening weather events.

    But arguably the one thing I enjoy more than anything else? Prestigious, overly dramatic TV projects involving A-list actresses. Feud, American Horror Story, Big Little Lies — you name it, I'm watching it.


    So you bet my gay ass is pretty excited for today's news: Variety reports that Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are set to co-star in a TV project for Apple.

    Todd Williamson / Getty Images

    You may remember Reese starred as Jen's little sister on Friends — and this will be the first show Jen stars on SINCE she played Rachel. Additionally, Apple has even ordered TWO seasons of the show. Hello, let's celebrate THAT!

    Ever better? The show will center around a morning talk show. Can anyone say ~DRAMA~?


    Move aside, Kelly Ripa and Matt Lauer. We've got two queens coming through!

    Now I'm not sure HOW we're going to watch this show if it's coming from Apple — but all I'm going to say is if they dumped that U2 album onto our phones without us asking, they BETTER think about doing the same for this Reese/Jen project.


    Anyway, THIS gay man will be listening to "Into You" on repeat and summoning more hurricanes until this show comes out. See you then!

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