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18 Questions We Have After Watching "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"

It's a trap if you want to avoid SPOILER ALERTS!

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1. Who the hell is Lor San Tekka (Max von Sydow)?

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He's fucking old so he must have been alive during Episodes IV–VI, but we've never met him before. Who is he? What was his role in the Resistance (and/or the Rebels)? What's his connection to the Jedi? How does he know Luke, and why would he be entrusted with a piece of the map to Luke's location? He clearly is important...but WHY?

2. Is there a connection between Luke, Rey, and Lor San Tekka?


It can't be a coincidence that Rey (who has Force powers) is located on the same planet as the guy who knows where Luke Skywalker is, right? What does this connection mean? Did Lor San Tekka know about Rey?

3. What is Finn's full backstory and did that have something to do with him having a drastic change of heart?


One day he's taking out the trash for the evil First Order, and the next he's helping a Resistance ace pilot escape and setting into motion the seventh Star Wars movie. It feels there's more to his story that needs to be told.

4. What's the deal with Captain Phasma?


Maybe we just had high hopes, but she seemed like a fairly important character based on the trailers and promotion material. But in the end, she just was a high-ranking Stormtrooper with some extra-shiny armor who spent most of her time marching around the First Order like she owned the place. But why does she have such DIFFERENT armor and what makes her special and important? It's been confirmed she's in the next episode, so how did she escape the destruction of the Starkiller Base?

5. Who are Rey's parents?


Is Luke the father? Maybe Han and Leia? Somehow, we find it hard to believe that she has two random parents in this galaxy. If Star Wars has taught us anything, it's that family drama makes for the best drama. Her parents aren't nobodies, that's for damn sure. We NEED someone get Maury in here to conduct a paternity test ASAP.

6. Where did Rey learn all those fighting skills?


Rey's tech knowledge makes sense when you consider her scavenger-savvy ways, but she is ALSO skilled in a variety of forms of combat. Is that just because she is strong with the Force, or that she had to be skilled in fighting to survive on cutthroat Jakku...or is there more to it? Had someone trained her, and if so, WHO?

7. Did Kylo Ren already know about Rey?


Kylo Ren seems PRETTY interested when he hears there is a girl involved with the whole Jakku kerfuffle. Did he already know Rey was strong with the Force before encountering her? Did he know that he had a possible relative tucked away on Jakku? What else does he know about Rey that we don't?

8. How did Kylo Ren come to acquire Vader's helmet?


Last time we saw Vader, Luke was barbecuing his body on a funeral pyre as the Rebel Alliance was celebrating the downfall of the Empire. Flash-forward 30 years, and Kylo Ren is using it as a centerpiece for his coffee table on a First Order starship. How did he end up with such an important artifact? And why does he talk to it like it has the answers to his problems like a Magic 8 ball?

9. Who — or WHAT — is Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis)?

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

He's one ugly SOB, and a very powerful one at that too. Is Snoke human? Is he Sith? Why is his hologram so big (is that his actual size)? How did he get so scarred? Where did he come from, and more importantly, where is he currently located? And who in their right minds names their kid "Snoke"?

10. What really went wrong with Kylo Ren?


Kylo Ren turning to the Dark Side was a catalyst for much of The Force Awakens' storyline: It caused Luke to disappear and Han and Leia to split up, and then there's all that First Order business. But there has to be some deeper story yet to be explored. Like, what exactly did Han and Leia do to him, if anything, that would make him so upset? Why did he choose to go down the path that his grandfather did — and why is he fighting the urge to turn to the Light so hard?

11. How did Maz Kanata acquire Luke Skywalker's lightsaber?


Lightsabers — let alone LUKE FUCKING SKYWALKER'S LIGHTSABER HE LOST IN CLOUD CITY — aren't the type of thing you just bid for on eBay. So how did Maz Kanata end up with Luke/Anakin's lightsaber? Did someone give it to her? Or did Luke get it back at some point after Return of the Jedi and entrust it to her?

12. What was the Force flashback and/or flash-forward that Rey experienced?


Rey has a pretty intense experience when she finds Luke's lightsaber — she sees Kylo with a gang of warriors, Luke touching R2-D2, and a bunch of other crazy stuff. Was this a flashback or a flash-forward? And what does it all MEAN for Rey?

13. How did Poe Dameron get off Jakku and make it back to the Resistance?


We get it, he's a hotshot. But when Finn found the crashed TIE fighter, there was no obvious indication Poe Dameron escaped. And we all heard Poe's short version of the story, but what actually happened to him between surviving the TIE fighter crash and flying in to save the day at Maz's castle halfway across the galaxy?

14. How did Rey know about the island that Luke was hiding on?


When Kylo Force-reads Rey's mind, he sees a vision of an island in the middle of the ocean. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am — we later find out that all these years, Luke Skywalker has been hanging out at Jedi Club Med, aka an island in the middle of the ocean. Coincidence? THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES IN STAR WARS, YOU FOOLS! The real question is, was this a premonition of things to come, a flashback (as in, Rey has already been to this island), or something else?

15. Is this the last time we see Han Solo?


Listen, if Han Solo came back, it wouldn't be the first time in the series that a protagonist came back after losing a lightsaber battle to someone on the Dark Side and falling down a nearly bottomless pit. But as far as dying in the Star Wars series goes, Han seems PRETTY dead. And he's not a Jedi, so his spirit couldn't come back, right?

16. Why did R2-D2 turn on all of a sudden?


So per C-3PO, R2-D2 shut down after Luke went AWOL. But all of a sudden, he boots up during The Force Awakens like your iPhone does after you drop it in water and then leave it in rice overnight. Was this because he sensed Luke? Or maybe because he was meeting Rey for the first time?

17. What happened to the other Jedi whom Luke was training?

Lucasfilm / Via

So per Han Solo, Luke Skywalker was basically trying to train a new class of Jedi when one of them (presumably Kylo Ren) turned on him and the others. Did this Dark Jedi kill all the others, or are they scattered throughout the galaxy and we have yet to encounter them?

18. What has Luke been doing all these years?


Listen, as exciting as wistfully staring out into the ocean is, Luke can't have been possibly doing that for all these years — or COULD he?! In all seriousness, what has Luke been doing in between the time Kylo Ren betrayed him and when Rey discovered his Jedi island resort? Did he really try to disappear, or has he been waiting all these years for someone (Rey?) to find him?

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