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Here's All The New Music You Need To Listen To This Week Because It's 20GAYTEEN

My ears can't handle this!

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But supporting good pop music might be the most important item on our to-do list of all. So I'm here to share with you an INSANE amount of incredible music from queer and queer-friendly artists that all happened to drop on a random Friday in March.

Lady Gaga could sneeze and some gay in West Hollywood would immediately scream, "iconic!"* So you know whenever she releases new's a BIG FRICKIN' DEAL.


Not only did she drop new music this week, but it's a COVER of Hall of Fame homosexual Elton John's, "Your Song." If her vocals don't bring a tear to your might be a robot. Or heterosexual. I don't know what is worse!

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Next up we've got a new single from Cardi B (who is also pretty popular with the heteros). Her highly anticipated debut album drops next week, but she decided to grace us with new music a week early, OKRRRRRR?

"Be Careful" is the sort of raunchy bop we've come to expect from Cardi. She does't disappoint! We're officially shook, as they say.

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But it gets better, and gayer! If there was a gay icons Mount Rushmore, Kylie Minogue would be a first-ballot candidate. She's currently in her country music yee-haw era, and all the gays are putting back on their pink Joanne cowboy hats for one more rodeo.


So we're pretty damn excited that not only does she have a rootin', tootin' new music video out for "Stop Me From Falling"...

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...she's also got a new track out, "Raining Glitter," and it's as gay and glamorous as the title indicates. Please listen NOW.

But we're really just getting started. Country queen Kacey Musgraves continues the long tradition of incredibly talented artists that it seems like only the gays "get." Her new album Golden Hour is out now, and yes kids, we are listening to country music in 2018.

"High Horse" mixes electronic pop with country and pulls it off with flying colors. Every queen who has tried to cross over into country in the past few years (Bey, Gaga, Miley, Kesha, Kylie to name a few) IS SHAKING. Kacey...did that.

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Really though, you should just listen to Golden Hour in its entirety.

But I've saved the best for last, and by the "best" I mean Lesbian Jesus aka pop star Hayley Kiyoko. Because in her words it's 20GAYTEEN. And that means gays aren't just out here stanning pop stars, they can be pop stars TOO. Her album Expectations is out now and I cannot stop listening.

Start with "Curious" and its already iconic, girl-meets-girl video.

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STAY for "What I Need" which features fellow queer artist Kehlani and goes in HARD.

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So to wrap things up, Expectations better be on HEAVY rotation this weekend or you're homophobic!
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