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OK, This Fact About Eating Oysters Will Probably Shake You To The Core

What the shell?!

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You saw the headline so you probably know what's about to go down, but we've got your attention anyway so pull up a chair and let's DIVE right in.

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Nautical pun intended.

If you've ever eaten oysters, you're probably familiar with the taste (sort of like if the ocean were a flavor) and the texture (slimy, but in a good way).


But did you know that when you eat oysters, you're actually most likely eating them ALIVE?!


Yes. Live. Like, breathing or whatever oysters do. You can also check out this Business Insider article for more info on the matter.

Here's the deal. Unless they're cooked, eating dead oysters can actually make you very, very sick! recommends checking oysters before you eat them (don't worry, someone in the kitchen is doing this for you if you're at a restaurant):

"If shells are open, tap them lightly with your finger. If the shell closes, the animal is alive and safe to buy. If the shell is gaping open or does not close after tapping it, the animal is dead and may harbor high numbers of bacteria which can make you ill."

When you think about it, it kind of makes sense!

*Our* minds were blown when we found out this information. How about yours?

20th Century Fox
  1. Did you know oysters are usually eaten alive?

    Did you know oysters are usually eaten alive?

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Did you know oysters are usually eaten alive?
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    Duh, I thought everyone knew this?
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    Nope, my mind is blown!
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    I didn't know, but now that I think about it, it makes sense!

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