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22 Times Lana Del Rey Was The One True Goddess Of Instagram

More like Lana Del SLAYYYYYY.

1. When she wore a fur jacket and full makeup to the beach, looking hotter than your faves EVER will.

2. When she posted this pigtails selfie, where she basically channelled her inner Pippy Longstockings Goddess realness.

3. When she posted this picture of herself as a Klimt painting, because she's an icon, and icons deserve to be immortalized in ART!

4. The time she posted this seminal red carpet photo from the Golden Globes, and we all were truly #blessed to catch her kiss.

5. When she posted this effervescent selfie where her green eyes pierced into our souls and we recognized her as the One True Queen of Pop.

6. Then again when she posted THIS selfie, and the sun was truly #blessed to caress Lana's face with its rays.

7. That time she posted this ~candid~ beach snapshot, and we ALL wish we were one of her gal pals.

8. When she hung out with this biker dude, and was more badass than you and I will ever be.

9. When she put all your faves to shame with this ICONIC hair toss selfie and we were left flailing on the ground because we couldn't handle the amazingness.

10. When she channelled her inner Disney Princess and was the REAL Sleeping Beauty.

11. When she seductively licked this Italian Ice like the pop diva she truly is.

12. When she posed for this selfie, and it looked like she used about five filters, because she's a gosh darn international superstar and she can use as many filters as she damn well pleases.

13. When she didn't smile at all, yet we were all illuminated by her Inner Light, because of the raw, emotional impact of her selfie game.

14. When she was super ~moody~ and ~seductive~ and she glared over her shoulder, probably at all your pop star faves, because she's left them in the dust.

15. When she posted this black and white snapshot, because it's artsy fartsy. ARTSY. FUCKING. FARTSY.

16. When she posted this hella hardcore selfie of herself posing with a Metallica badge. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.

17. Oh, and when she posted this pic of her feature in The New York Times. Because she's above the damn fold, and she's in the TIMES.

18. The time she perfected the carefree, candid look, and still looked like the consummate international music icon that she is.

19. When she posted this ~edgy~ selfie with fellow rockstar/actress/chanteuse Juliette Lewis, because talent recognizes talent.

20. When she posted this dark and moody selfie, and we all LIT'RALLY COULDN'T EVEN with its perfection.

21. When she posted this promo shot for Ultraviolence and exited her car like a graceful goddess and we were in awe of her breathtaking look.

22. And most important of all, that time she straight chilled with James Franco. ICONIC.

Slay a little, honey!

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