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    24 Tweets About Donald Trump That Will Make You Cry From Laughing

    "Donald Trump is the first joke I've ever been offended by."

    1. When the odds need to be ever in your favor:

    2. This astute comparison:

    3. This scoop of the GOP's plan to take down Trump:

    4. This brutal truth:

    5. Your body's reaction to the 2016 presidential race:

    6. Quick, someone get MTV on the phone with this stellar idea:

    7. This very simple starter pack:

    8. The best way to celebrate February 29 this year:

    9. This all-too-real pun:

    10. This brilliant observation:

    11. This tweet that will ruin Easter for you:

    12. This zinger of a tweet:

    13. When the material writes itself:

    14. How the new season of The Apprentice is going to look:

    15. Teddy Roosevelt vs. Donald Trump:

    16. When you need to find out where Jeff Goldblum is:

    17. When term limits are a fact of life:

    18. When you need to check if Chris Christie endorsed Trump of his own volition:

    19. This analysis of Trump's brand name:

    20. This brilliant debate analysis:

    21. This tweet that really cuts to the chase:

    22. When you realize Trump is a fast food sandwich come to life:

    23. When all the Trump endorsements start rolling in after Christie's:

    24. And finally, just this:

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