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Would You Rather Have To Wear Cargo Shorts Or Crocs Every Day For The Rest Of Your Life?

"Neither" is not an option.

You saw the headline, so you know what's at stake here: quite possibly the most difficult "Would You Rather..." question. OF ALL TIME.

Here's the deal: Cargo shorts are one of THE most polarizing pieces of clothing on the face of the planet. Some people love the extra pocket space. Other people abhor them and wonder why you would want to turn into a human kangaroo with all those pouches.

Just like cargo shorts, it's IMPOSSIBLE to not have an opinion on Crocs. Some people love how colorful and comfortable they are. Other people think they're an abomination. There really is no in-between!

So that got me thinking. It's 2018 and I'm all about people coming together and settling their differences. But deep down, I'm a human. And humans love anarchy, and drama, and CHAOS. What if we pitted cargo shorts and Crocs against one another in a battle to the death?!

Here's the hypothetical situation. Every day for the rest of your life, you're required to wear either cargo shorts *OR* Crocs. The choice is yours...but you must pick one!