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    The Trailer For The US Remake Of "Gavin And Stacey" Has Arrived

    It's called Us & Them. And it looks pretty faithful to the original.

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    This trailer for the first episode of Us & Them shows Fox haven't deviated much from James Corden and Ruth Jones' BBC original.

    Parenthood's Jason Ritter and Alexis Bledel from Gilmore Girls play the young lovers meeting for the first time with their less attractive best friends in tow - including stand-up comic Dustin Ybarra playing Smithy. Malcolm In The Middle star Jane Kaczmarek plays Pam.

    Will one of the best loved British sitcoms in recent years translate well like The Office or will it join the pantheon of worst American remakes ever? Time will tell.


    The cast of Us And Them.

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